George Powell's Healing Arts

Astrology, Hypnotherapy, Reiki & Spiritual Counseling


"I have gotten several readings from George. From the first time I got a reading, I knew I was dealing with someone who had incredible expertise and insight: the natal chart reading I got was spot-on, detailed, and helped me understand myself in new and better ways. George is gifted and intuitive and incredibly easy to work with. I would recommend his work for anyone interested in gaining greater insight into themselves, their patterns, their relationships, and their lives in general."
Shuly Cawood, Johnson City, TN

George has done personal and business astrological readings for me. I can't say enough good things about him as an expert in his field, and as a person. The information and perspective he provided increased my self awareness and helped me with decision making. His kind and gentle manner made things smooth and easy." 
David Prins, Cary, NC

"George is genuinely gifted and skilled in the work he does. He has tremendous intuitive sensitivity that comes no doubt from years of serious committed practice and study. Because of the various approaches he has in his "toolkit", he can be very effective in assessing where you are and what your issues are in life. He also has the skills, wisdom and gentle nature to work with people on overcoming problems and getting further along whatever healing path they may need. Very helpful with what may be not the easiest information for a client to face. A very positive force in this world." 
Mike Sonnichsen, Moscow, ID

"George has opened up a window to the universe through his teaching of Astrology. George's style of instructing allows any student to not only grasp the concepts, but also feel the energies. He is also open to receiving what knowledge that one may bring to the class. "As above, so below" has been brought from the pages of books to reality, thanks to this wonderful giver."
Alan Fisher, Cary, NC

"Just wanted to touch base with you , I moved from North Carolina in October, and now live the greater Seattle area. I found a job and a home fast, everything lined up well. Thanks for the reading on career points and relocating, Its amazing how accurate you were."  Michael Lewis, Seattle, WA

"George's professionalism and expertise always make me look forward to the next time he assesses my astrological chart! He is spot on in so many areas, very thorough in explaining it in "layman's terms". I especially like that he provides an audio tape of our session as well a hard copy of my personal chart for the entire year. I like that I can go back and check to see if there have been similarities in what has happened in my life compared to what the chart says." Cathy Rosemond, Durham, NC

"I appreciate George's knowledge of alternative methods for solving health issues; his knowledge of astrology and explaining and helping you understand why you're experiencing things in your life. He's a very intuitive and kind person." Susie Whaley, Durham, NC