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New Moon in Taurus - "It''s All About The Money"

George PowellComment

Hi Friends

The New Moon on May 6th is in the sign of Taurus: a cycle emphasizing material concerns, money, property, security and safety needs just as the world's economic systems try to figure out way to keep a sinking ship afloat. We are living in extraordinary and exciting times as the world transitions, out of necessity for her own survival, away from archaic and destructive systems of managing resources and people. The current economic chaos being generated by the failure of fiat currencies when mixed with extensive corruption and gross wealth concentration have resulted in so much suffering for most of humanity. The movement toward a currency reset and precious metals backed reserve currencies are on the horizon thanks to the BRICS nations which may help us avert an economic meltdown not seen since the 1930"s.

What kind of economic, social and political systems will emerge out of the ruins that will create space for a new Renaissance era to flourish? Individually and collectively, we are awakening to our own divine essence which can empower us like never before to create our own future through reflection, visualizations and imagination. Believing is seeing. We are on the verge of unbelievably positive changes and breakthroughs in everyday living as the dust clears in the next few years.

Due to various reasons, mostly health related, I've regrettably found it necessary to take a break from writing this blog and discontinue counseling services indefinitely. Thanks for reading the blog and your comments as well. All the best to each of you.