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Solar Eclipse in Pisces - "Glide On The Peace

George PowellComment

Total Solar Eclipse @ 19 Pisces - March 8th - Last month we pointed out some important features of this powerful Neptune ruled solar eclipse with seven points in the sign of spirituality, universality, compassion, empathy and unconditional love. This is the time to dream big and make your visualizations for the future as real as possible. This eclipse has the potential to move the world toward peaceful solutions to various crises;  on a personal level this can be an opportunity for greater intuitive awareness and some will feel creatives juices flowing easily. Negative expressions of Piscean energy are confusion, denial, deception, substance abuse and escapism. Important developments and events over the next six months will have many continuing to wonder what is real, and what is illusion; others will be blown away, amazed and inspired by personal and collective events already happening this eclipse season, such as China dropping the Dollar, Scalia's death, the Syrian ceasefire agreement and geophysical activity. Eclipses are famous for changes in world leadership and this eclipse may see the emergence of humanitarian and integrous leaders.

Neptune's stay in Pisces until 2025 has a big hand in current spiritual evolution of the planet. It is picking up strength as it moves into the middle degrees just as the slowly waning Uranus-Pluto Square (social, economic and political revolution) continues its work of unveiling corruption and starting the restructuring of corporate and government entities by ferreting out previously withheld info, .i.e. Wikileaks, Snowden, Manning, etc., in the form of major individual efforts (Uranus in Aries). Neptune and the rest of the mutable surge over the next six months opens the flood gate to events, news, and experiences that further inspire spiritual breakthrough, greater evolutionary movements for change, and many taking very different and unexpected directions in life. It will be as if everyone, everywhere has received the memo that taking corrective measures to various issues may have reached a critical point. 

Saturn is the point man on a Mutable (as in mutate, to change) T-square with the "missing leg" (solution) in Gemini. The only way to know the players is with a good score card and having a reliable news sources for staying informed on world matters are more important now than ever. There is much uncertainty, confusion and chaos out there (Neptune/South Node opposite Sun/Moon/Chiron/Jupiter/North Node), but there are also opportunities that will come about as the future is far more positive than one might think as we're on the verge of important shifts, political breakouts and technological advances that change our world for the better.

Saturn's square to Jupiter shows the economic downturn and resulting hand-wringing about whether one's financial future is secure in the hands of banksters who are now running scared, if not in prison already (Ireland and Iceland). It is clear to most now that the level of world poverty, suffering and violence (Saturn square Neptune) in the world is untenable.  Pandemics, issues about oil , gases, and all liquids including oceans take on more importance; making sacrifices, and thinking things are gloomier than they actually are hallmarks of this aspect as well. We may hear more about the issues around cleaning up environmental messes (Chiron) left by corporate and government abuses such as Fukushima, and the BP Oil Spill.  Legal action, reorganization, and regulation (Saturn) are finally emerging to heal a damaged world. The Lord of Karma in Sagittarius means areas such as legal systems, sports, travel and religion are getting a long overdue overhaul. 

The Mutable T-square's influence lasts through the summer, so I suggest spending lots of time with, in and around water, and chillax as much as possible. The overall trend is positive, but there will be more chaos as a by-product of the ongoing trade wars, currency wars, and actual wars which are part of the process of uninstalling the West's corrupt corporate-government-military mind-meld that has created so much destruction in the world. Two positive trines in the chart show progress and movement toward rebuilding or regenerating areas of life impacted by the Uranus-Pluto Square. There is a flow of energy we can tap into (Jupiter trine Pluto) which is bringing  integrity and moderation in running our lives; also  efforts at a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. There is also Saturn Trine Uranus, an aspect of finding new solutions and innovations;  necessity as the mother of invention. Many will find friends and groups,and even strangers, ready and willing to support those needing a hand.

We can worry all we want (Jupiter in Virgo), and be fearful all we like , but that would be spinning our wheels and is considered negative visualization. Better to ride the wave of mutable energy by spending more time in reflection, slowing down and considering the big picture. Exploring creative pleasures and living more simply may help the wait while matters shake out for the benefit of our highest good, as they inevitably will.

 "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."

Peace, George