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New Moon in Libra - "Big Love"

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Hi Friends,

The New Moon in Libra on Oct 11th - The summer long focus on relationship issues, particularly primary ones, continues this cycle as Venus and Mars re-connect in Virgo (exact Nov. 2nd) There's less drama, more objectivity and possibly a desire to find a way to work things out. Relationships can improve, reach resolutions, and decision points with a clearer head as Mercury Rx ends Oct. 9th, particularly so, after the closing shadow period ends and the Sun moves into perceptive and intuitive Scorpio on Oct 23rd. This summer has also prompted deep soul searching, and old, dark energies may have surfaced for release, but now Saturn has left Scorpio for Sag, where it will stay until Dec. 2017. The focus shifts to external matters; we consider new ideas and beliefs, we want to see the bigger picture, there are reality checks and a yearning for the truth. Humanity's awakening and evolution picks up speed with Neptune moving into the middle degrees of Pisces and the mutable shift's big aspect, Saturn square Neptune (1st hit Nov. 26th.) will have many making changes simply by just going with the flow, trusting the intuition and opening the heart to deeper understanding, compassion, and love. This is the urging of the universe to love self, and others unconditionally, as others are ourselves; the "Big Love". Many will find, one way or another through 2017, that oneness consciousness is the only road to escaping the not always merry-go-round of illusion we call 3D. 

We have a Mutable T- Square  reflecting an acceleration of changes, uncertainty, and confusion we see around us.  We may find ourselves in situations that require flexibility, sacrifice, and letting go. Saturn square Neptune is symbolic of the refugee crises in Europe creating a greater awareness of suffering and the realization that war and business as usual is eroding societal structures, destroying nations, people's lives, and harming the planet. Do we have the compassion to welcome all with open hearts, or do we build walls out of hate and selfishness? The massive debt and wars for profit illustrate the absurdity and sadness of a bloated and disintegrating financial system (Jupiter oppositie Neptune) divorced from ethics. It has become so apparent that major changes are needed soon, and it's happening quickly now,,,finally. An example is the Brazilian Supreme Court's decision to ban corporate political funding. Recent economic downturns and volatile markets worldwide in recent months (Jupiter square Saturn) have put financial pressure on many, some may be prompting to consider an entirely new career. The way out of the t-square dilemma is the "empty leg", in Gemini in this case, and calls for getting up to date with information, doing solid research and making moves towards positive changes or adjustments. Networking and other ways of communicating your goals may be helpful. 

Another t-square, a Cardinal T-Square features a return of probably defining aspect of this century, the revolution in consciousness that is the Uranus-Pluto Square which gets as close as 2 degrees in December. This aspect squares the New Moon; extremism and power plays (Pluto) coming from self or others is so apparent that we know it's time to do something differently (Uranus opposite New Moon) and devise a new course of action or direction. For many, changes in life and the resulting adjustments found to be necessary may produce fear and anxiety if we remain stuck in outdated conditions or beliefs. Large earthquakes, volcanic activity, flooding and nuclear issues through the end of the year are as Gaia continues her cleansing of negative energies. There is much fear mongering around this; it is helpful to know a metaphysical truth that when and how we leave the planet has already been decided by ourselves before incarnating. It is an integral part of our soul's life contract we created with the help of spiritual advisers on the other side. Death really is not something to worry about. The empty leg of this t-square falls in Cancer, many will find home life,  family, and friends who are like family, particularly supportive and nurturing. Using our intuition and bouncing ideas off those who love us comes in handy when confronted with external challenges.

Venus, Mars and Jupiter (passion) trine Pluto, a positively powerful quartet shows big efforts to re-start, rejuvenate and better understand our relationships and other matters that have been a concern for a while. Emotional healing, self improvement, and progress in business matters; a fresh start happens in a big way and we are energized and enthused to get the ball rolling. This a great for getting organized and clearing clutter, both physically and emotionally. This is another indication of resolutions, compromise and agreements regarding relationships can happen under this influence. Transiting trines indicate that matters easily flow or take off without obstacles, but not necessarily in a positive manner. Military efforts may be be more effective for awhile (Russia's bombing of Isis by invitation of Syria's leader, Assad), but this could also represents progress in the peace movement among more enlightened world leaders, and the beginning of financial re-regulation and legal actions against corporate corruption. 

 In the US chart, Pluto was conjunct the Ascendant on 911 and entered the first house, sine then we've seen the great political power struggle in DC that has created more dysfunction and corruption in the economy and politics. The Neocon agenda and radicalization of the Republican party has pushed for naked aggression overseas, with the help of NATO puppets, and has resulted in the devastation and/or overthrown of sovereign nations, i.e., Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, the Ukraine, Yemen, and Syria, and the massive refugee exodus into Europe. Those in power have been out of control and have created great damage to the country's reputation. Worldwide Gallup polls over the past three years show that the US is considered the greatest threat to world peace; another way we are "exceptional".  The first hit of transiting Pluto's  opposition to the natal Sun back in March, 2014 saw the US-led coup of a democratically elected government in the Ukraine and the beginnings of the push to do the same in Syria. Our real motives in international affairs have been exposed (Pluto rules the 12th) for what they are. The progressed Moon and transiting Saturn are both in the 12th now, virtually nothing will work out as before and more hidden indiscretions will be revealed over the next two years. Economic decline and the massive debt bubble will have to be addressed as natal Pluto is now moving into the 2nd house where it stays until 2040!  Major efforts at developing a new, more humane economic system are on the way, but won't happen overnight. Several challenging aspects come together in December, possible scenarios are more stock market slides and a further push toward a currency reset with the naming of a new world reserve currency. The universe has decided it's time to proceed with the dismantling of US hegemony, and have the country become a kinder neighbor in the world.

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant". - Martin Luther King Jr.