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New Moon in Leo - "I Want To Break Free"

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Hello Friends,

The New Moon on Aug. 14th @ 22 Leo merges with the Venus - Jupiter Conjunction: the big love, and living large aspect continues; there is a sense of optimism and buoyancy with a "Kite" configuration, a dramatically productive period with a sense of having a strong wind to your back. Life is changing quickly for many. The spine of the Kite is the nodal (karmic) axis showing great support for spiritual goals and releasing worn out ways. Retrograde Venus still conjunct Jupiter (Iran Nuclear Deal and normalization of US-Cuban relations) will see many reviewing current relationships, and bumping into past lovers for the purpose of healing and balancing. Breakthroughs and break-ups; personal evolution and revolution are sped up by Uranus trine the New Moon stellium. Whatever we set in motion tends to take off dramatically now. Many obstacles lift and we can make much progress in our ambitions or emotional life. Possibly a friend, new information, or our insights have us seeing life differently. A great New Moon for setting an intention for greater awareness and creativity; embracing our quirkiness and making it work for us. The Grand Trine within the kite sparks inspired and determined action (Mars in Leo) to take new directions, this arising from the desire to restructure (Saturn) our lives by clearing past life negatives (South Node) and free our spirit. Progress for your efforts is swift and relatively easy when it aligns with soul purpose (North Node).

The ongoing raising of consciousness gets super charged thus adding to the desire for a peaceful and kinder world. People want change as illustrated by the rapid rise of unusual or eccentric (Uranus) leaders: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Both campaigns are likely to continue surging in the polls. The public awareness of the corrupt and deceptive corporate-government-media mind meld (Pluto) has people looking for a straight-shooter, an outsider, to be the agent of change.  Events this cycle may be surprising, shocking and enlightening; there may be big changes in world leadership. In the US chart, the stellium, plus Mars, all in the 8th will shine a huge spotlight on the power wielded by plutocrats and oligarchs. Combined with Saturn going back into Sagittarius on Sept 18th, the big crackdown on corruption and fraud is just starting. With Mars going into Leo today until Sept 25th, we may be seeing the last ditch, dramatic efforts (likely false flag events) to get WW3 launched in earnest. Particularly intense fighting is likely through this period. We've been coming to our senses lately, and more will as this next wave of factoids, revelations and disclosures may be extraordinary; important medical and tech advances may emerge now as well. When Saturn, Jupiter, the Nodes and Mars join Neptune soon in the relationship oriented, mutable signs, life can go smoother if we simplify, slow down, be more flexible and open-minded in handling the accelerated pace of events and changes that are coming. We may see the war effort start to fizzle and lose steam this fall as we feel the need to shift toward altruistic activities and healing the planet.

Saturn square the New Moon is the clear challenge this cycle, a reminder to do some planning and prep work. There is obviously a deep resistance to change out of fear and anger as illustrated by the rise in hate groups and police brutality or has it been there all along? But now everybody has technology (Uranus in Aries) to provide evidence on how extensive it is. These fears are deeply rooted,  fears of a world changing and the desperation to hang on to the old. There may be a battle within (Scorpio) on whether to forgive and let go. We may have to remind ourselves that feelings of hate for lower consciousness actions only hurts ourselves. 

Saturn square Jupiter in the waning last quarter of the synodic phase (crises of consciousness) represents cultural, political and economic stressors in mundane astrology. A time to review where we stand currently on money matters. Many financial experts believe a further deepening of the depression is likely soon as another market crash like 2008, is imminent. Yes, it is a depression, but few use the "D" word; just as a depression was previously called a "panic" before the 1929 crash. A more equitable distribution of global resources and wealth is emerging as an archaic system self-destructs, as Marx predicted: . The combination of the Jupiter-Saturn square (business slump), the re-emerging Saturn-Neptune square (austerity policies, also last quarter) and a Jupiter-Neptune opposition (the debt time-bomb) together create a mutable T-square that supports the expert predictions. The T-square is in play through mid-2016 and we'll all do best by living simply and going with the flow.

US and World - Transiting Uranus conjuncts Chiron, the 2nd hit exact on Aug, 25th in the US chart's 4th house of families and land reflects the uptick in violence perpetrated by the military and police (both signified by Uranus in the US 6th house), the ongoing destruction of the nation's environment (oil spills, fracking, Fukushima), and the political effort by the Republicans (4th house represents the party not in the White House) to diminish the public safety net by going after food stamps, Medicare, Social Security and disability benefits, thereby hitting the poorest among us, another kind of "War on Poverty". This is all part of the growing austerity movement in the West concocted by the Banksters and Wall St. (Pluto) by purposely making irresponsible loans to those they know can't afford it, knowing full well they'll eventually seize their victims collateral, whether it's a person's home or a country's assets to be privatized. Anyone care to buy a Greek isle? The strange reversal after the Greek referendum on the debt situation shows a nation giving up its sovereignty after being "blackmailed and threatened" by the ECB according to Greek PM Tsipras. It's interesting that the new photos of Pluto coincided with the flexing of Bankster muscle. The IMF starts talks with Greece soon over the details of the new bailout. They have indicated being amenable to writing off some of the debt, that would a positive step toward the eventual realization that complete debt forgiveness may be the only road out of world debt crises. Before that happens a global currency reset and/or a new world reserve currency are likely: Next month is a very important Eclipse season, stay tuned!

"A society living by and for continuous warfare in which the ruling caste have ceased to have any real function but succeed in clinging to power through force and fraud."  - George Orwell's definition of totalitarianism.

Love and light to you always, and in all ways,