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New Moon in Gemini - "Get Your Motor Running"

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Hello Friends,

Many of you are aware of my health issues and a current flare is making it necessary to slow down for awhile. If you've scheduled a session with me, I will honor those commitments. Otherwise, I'll be taking the summer off and expect to get back to work in October with an astrology class on relationships, and perhaps a Reiki class. In the meantime, I'll continue to post this blog, but probably shorter in length. Have a great summer everyone!

The New Moon in Gemini - This second consecutive New Moon conjunct the action planet, Mars. Life moves into overdrive; fast and furious is the overview this cycle. We can expect more busy-ness, or some people giving you the business. Vast amounts of energy are being expended to look into everything possible we might be curious about, and we're curious about everything. It is a great time to accomplish much as we're energized and ready to dive into new adventures. Some things talked about for awhile finally get off the ground, and others have started lining up their ducks. Watch for spreading yourself too thin, and choose your words wisely. Globally, there is so much going on and picking up speed. People are concerned, and worried about many things as they the world goes through her transformation process. A big concern is, sadly, we've seen escalating aggression worldwide, and it looks likely to increase through the summer. The US recently started carpet bombing Syria and Iraq, and a proxy war in Yemen heats up. Iran is next on the Neocon hit parade that started with Iraq in 2003.  See Gen. Wesley Clark's story here.  Military build-ups are entrenched now along the NATO-Russian border and the dispute about territory in the China Sea continues. Whatever, or whoever you believe is actually the driving force behind the US's permanent war economy, aggression and essential takeovers of sovereign nations for money and resources, this s** t has got to go! We know it will, because history shows that all empires eventually self-destruct through greed and corruption. Things usually end badly when you fight a war on multiple fronts, just ask Napoleon and Hitler. This demise could coincide with the Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of 2020, and the US's Pluto Return in 2022, unless somehow these negative forces are refused and defused to make the future about healing and regeneration. We decide.


The Sun, Mars and Mercury enter Cancer on June 21st, 24th, and July 8th, respectively; now is the time to really move forward as Mercury Retrograde is done. The energies shift toward home, family, children, and the world of feelings and emotions. Perfect for vacations and family reunions typical this time of year. This is good for home improvements and beautifying the home. These planets will each square last March's Solar Eclipse at 29° Pisces, and then set off the waning Jupiter-Pluto Square throughout July. This is a dangerous period ahead, let's hope the destruction is limited.  The most intense period looks to be the fortnight around the New Moon in Cancer on July 15th. Shooting from the hip, emotional reactions, manipulation and coercive tactics are not a good mix with already escalating tensions. Breakthroughs, break-ups, and break-outs  as revolution, war, geoseismic activity, and disclosures continue as the world endures its nervous breakdown. These are not normal times. They are intense, exciting, scary, fascinating, and unbelievably interesting times. While the outer world churns, we all have inner work to do, and Chiron squaring the New Moon and Mars is just the ticket for events, insights, or other folks to prompt personal growth, but it's not likely to be very comfortable for us at first. The key to understanding whatever fear, addiction, or emotional issue we're dealing with now can become very clear;  what to do, or who to see, that will facilitate healing. Others can challenge you in some way too; remember, "revenge is a dish best served cold". Not that I'm advising anyone to harm another, but to say, cool your heels and reflect more before handling a situation.

We also have potential for positive developments this lunar cycle with several harmonizing aspects, I just wish they would hang around longer. The Sun, Moon and  Mars sextile Uranus show the way out of dilemmas, and greater understanding in the form of a group, teacher, or friend that provides just the right words to heal or expand awareness; our own insights or aha moments do the job as well. However it plays out, there is help available and it may be from an unexpected source. The last hit of the Jupiter-Uranus Trine is on June 22nd; this aspect has not disappointed, and will continue expanding human consciousness further this month. Opportunities from out of nowhere continue as well. Venus conjuncts Jupiter on July 1st, the day of the Full Moon in Capricorn, There can be some great times and business opportunities, especially if you've laid out a good strategy. It's in effect a week before and after this date, bringing optimism, and generosity of spirit. A good time for parties and celebrations, but avoid overindulgence or overspending. Mars trine Neptune on July 8th means being inspired to take action on your dreams; letting your spiritual goals permeate all that you do, and getting the help you need just when you need it. A good aspect for peace talks and ceasefires.

Retrograde Saturn starts it's last tango in Scorpio on June 14th, goes direct Aug 2nd, and finally moves into Sagittarius Sept 17th: three months of reassessing projects, or maybe a new business plan develops during this period. Secrets revealed, personal baggage shed, and emotional clearings are possible; a good period for therapy and rehabilitation.  Then onto Sagittarius, the sign of ideals and understanding; religion, higher education, sports, medicine, and the law until the end of  2017. Saturn in Sagittarius brings discipline and rebuilding to these areas. There will be plenty of legal action as the truth on many previously hidden matters picks up, We've already seen legal action against abusive athletes, racist police, and corrupt politicians as Saturn was in Sadge briefly last fall; the already busy courts are about to get much busier. Restructuring and re-regulating of business can happen; ethics suddenly becomes important in business and politics when cohorts go to jail. We can see a return to real journalism when courts break-up the media oligopoly in the West. Many more will question their spiritual or political beliefs, and a more enlightened world view can emerge. Possibly, we'll see a more cautious tone develop resulting in a cooling down of global tensions and greater interest in reshaping the future before Saturn is ready to move into Capricorn.Possible problems are tighter restrictions on air travel, and the Internet.

"Capitalism does not permit an even flow of economic resources. With this system, a small privileged few are rich beyond conscience, and almost all others are doomed to be poor at some level. That's the way the system works. And since we know that the system will not change the rules, we are going to have to change the system".

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Love and light to you always, and in all ways,