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New Moon In Taurus - "We Didn't Start The Fire"

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Hi Friends,

New Moon in Taurus on May 18th and I'm posting this earlier than usual to give you a heads up on Mercury Retrograde starting on this New Moon. Remember to tidy up important matters, if possible, at least a week beforehand as the retrograde effects intensify several days in advance. This one is a particularly powerful with Mercury in its own sign, Gemini. Mercury is conjunct Mars as well. Mentally focused and on edge, verbal sparring, sarcasm and arguments are part of the picture. Mechanical breakdowns and computer problems are possible. Rethink your thoughts, and rethink them again if you're planning to go after someone or something. Military action around the globe could erupt suddenly as the fuse is easily lit, all it takes is one thoughtless word or action and whoever starts the fight probably loses. This is the time to turn inward and reflect; read more to satisfy that hungry mercurial curiosity. This will be great for research efforts and brainstorming with others. Mercury goes direct again on June 13th and you may want to hold off on important contracts, major purchases or starting some new project until after the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

With the Sun and Moon in Taurus, on one hand, all you want to do is enjoy a glass of Chardonnay with a fine meal. We may be focused on money, love and enjoying some of the finer things in life, and just want to take it easy and relax, On the other hand, with Mars in Gemini conjunct the New Moon, we may be a little too restless and fired up to chill like a fine wine for very long. There are things, many things we're interested in, and restless to explore them. It will be very easy to go off in a thousand directions, so use the Taurean energies available to focus and slow yourself down this lunar cycle.

Saturn is opposite the New Moon and Mars and we find that there are roadblocks to contend with and frustrations to endure. We may find ourselves in situations where we are forced to slow down, keep our mouths shut or even come to a complete halt for awhile. The Saturn - Mars opposition is exact on May 15th; irresistible forces meet immovable objects. We're looking at obstinacy and harshness and will likely see destruction and violence around the globe around that date. If you can zero in on the Taurian influence of being practical, peaceful and centered you'll get through this cycle in good shape. Saturn is retrograde now and dips back into Scorpio on June 15th for three months. Take advantage of this to let go of fears and self-destructive habits; get in touch with those deepest sexual feelings and other desires you may have been ignoring. This may also be a period where the influx of hidden information worldwide comes flooding to the surface.

Neptune in a T-Square with Saturn and Mars. This configuration of maximum stress is another indicator to take it slow as plans may be half-baked and not quite ready for prime time, but you may think the time is right; reassess and take your time in going over the details. Mars square Neptune is exact on Memorial Day, May 25th. On the world scene the political propaganda is coming hard and heavy. The accusations are flying, outright lies and deception are rife. Be a little skeptical and search for the proof.

The good news is we have Neptune trine Venus, a kinder, gentler energy where we get a glimpse of what unconditional love means. We're naturally more empathic and intuitive; great for artistic pursuits like photography, or just seeing a romantic or metaphysical movie. A helpful aspect for calming nerves and healing. Very helpful to those working for peace in the world and maintaining the cease fire in the Ukraine and maybe softening the various hotspots in the Middle East. Jupiter trine Uranus is still around to awaken us with the possibilities for a better future, sudden insights and some good luck. Mars is sextile both of these gas giants on June 9th, so there are opportunities to do good works that are inspiring to yourself and others. Stay open to new experiences and new ideas. More unusual and sudden events worldwide will continue to awaken the desire for a positve and humanitarian future for mankind.

Finally, there is a Yod with Mercury and Jupiter pointing to Pluto, we can get our act together and make changes by keeping an open mind, gathering pertinent information and having a positive attitude. Impulsive decisions and snap judgments (Mercury quincunx Pluto) will create trouble; power plays and being manipulative get you nowhere (Jupiter quincunx Pluto), it's time to let go of fears and insecurities keeping one from developing spiritually.

Overall, we have a balance of positive and challenging aspects, although getting ahead and being productive this month may be like swimming in oatmeal. So, don't sweat it; enjoy your Chardonnay and chillax!

US and World - There's more to say on the US Sibley chart, purposely left out last month to take a closer look at now. Natal Chiron (the childhood wound that may never go away completely) in the 4th house of the people, and the land, is very apparent today with the destruction of the environment due to corporate greed (Gulf Oil spill, Fukushima, fracking, etc., etc.) This is also symbolic of the genocide of Native Americans, estimated to be 100 million since Columbus started the trend, and the maltreatment of immigrants, minorities and the LGBT community still going on today. The Baltimore demonstrations and the Bruce Jenner interview are recent examples of these concerns reaching a turning point as transiting Uranus conjuncts Chiron on June 26th serves to enlighten, or remind us that we are all one, and it is necessary to heal and nurture one another and the environment. The ongoing truth disclosures and revelations are coming out to wake-up Climate Change deniers and xenophobes; events that are sudden and shocking serve to get more on board for the desire for change. Solutions and movements toward serious action on these matters will be happening over the next couple of years as revolutionary actions gain momentum and become increasingly effective. This is another indicator of advanced medical breakthroughs and new technologies to heal Gaia are coming if they can get through the corporate/political blockade.

Things start happening this lunar cycle when transiting Mars gets busy and sets off important points in the chart. Here are some dates with possible manifestations a few days before and after:

  • May 24 - Mars conjunct Uranus - More military and police violence, riots or terrorists activities come on suddenly. Working class revolts against inequality-injustice continue and likely meet resistance.
  • May 30 - Mars opposite Ascendant - Mars enters the 7th house of allies and open enemies, international conflicts heating up. More war,  unfortunately.
  • June 1 -  Mars trine Saturn - Obama (Saturn in 10th is the President and his administration) well thought-out efforts to stabilize situations.
  • June 10- Mars sextile Chiron - .An opportunity to heals wounds through positive action.
  • June 11 - Mars Return - Peak energy time.
  • June 12 - Mars squares Neptune - secrets and deceptions disclosed. Hidden military and political maneuvers.
  • June 20 - Mars trine Moon - The Moon also represents the populace. Grassroots campaigns for change gains more followers and are getting their act together.

The tsunami of crazy affecting this country, and parts of the world is a reflection of the individual psyche; we can do our part by finding a peaceful center and move toward unconditional love for all sentient beings. The buddhist principle of non-attachment will serve us well; "being in the world, not of the world". Grounding, centering and meditation is a great way to help ourselves, others, and the planet and you can do it in as little as 15 minutes. I often urge clients to do this, so now I'll urge you; here are some videos to get you going if you're interested:

Grounding, protection and centering is a great way to launch a meditation and takes about 2 minutes once you get the hang of it after watching it a few times:

And here's a good one on meditation:

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" - John F. Kennedy

Love and light to you always and in all ways,