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New Moon in Aries - "Give Peace A Chance"

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Hello Friends,

The New Moon in Aries on April 18th is ruled by Mars, a likely continuation of an action-filled period this lunar cycle. We're ready to make a bold new start, fired-up and ready to go. Mars moved into peaceful Taurus on March 31st and many are focused on stabilizing the financial picture, making a big purchase, or possibly a determination to make a relationships work. This energy is patient, relaxed and easygoing and we could use this energy now to catch our breath during these frenetic times. We're less reactive and have a longer fuse; a good time to negotiate and come up with practical solutions; The Iran Nuclear deal ended in an agreement that was reached just after Mars moved into Taurus. This placement is currently manifesting as the buildup and entrenchment of troops and equipment in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. 

Mars and Mercury Trine Pluto calms down the Uranus-Pluto Square for awhile, more effective talks and action for averting war and destruction. These are constructive aspects for harnessing a drive to upgrade or rebuild an area of our lives. Take advantage of this to organize, consolidate and simplify; this is also for self awareness and understanding our own motivations and drives better. Mars goes into Gemini on May 12th and then our minds are stimulated. We want more information and want to know everything that's going on. You can see so many things you want to do. This can be fun, just don't go off into too many directions. The Mars opposition to Saturn of May 15th is the hot spot for this cycle. Frustrations build up and harsh words. A flare-up of war activity in the usual places and maybe some new places.

Jupiter went direct on April 8th and is moving toward an exact trine with Uranus on June 22nd - We're ready to start making those changes we've been thinking about in a big way. We're feeling more magnanimous, original, and creative. Opening up to new ways of seeing the world, having fun and expressing your big heart. On the world scene we could see progressive legal action. 

The Supreme Court makes many decisions this time of year and here's an influence of a more enlightened posture. Let's see if upcoming decisions move us toward equality. More news about advanced technologies and extraterrestrial life, as well as, new ideas and possible solutions to economic problems and climate change. A period of rapidly expanding consciousness for humanity.

Quincunxes from Mercury and Neptune point to the North Node creating a Yod. This configuration requires us to stay sharp and overcome obstacles to keep us moving toward spiritual goals. It may be overcoming inertia or laziness to get on with it. We may find ourselves too distracted by an information overload or busy social life (Mercury quincunx North Node). The other necessary adjustment from Neptune may be overcoming uncertainty and self-doubts. Being in nature, especially around a body of water and tuning in intuitively could help clear things up. Inspirational thoughts and greater creativity (Mercury sextile Neptune) are the prizes for effectively handling the quincunxes. 

4.18.15 chart

US and World: As promised, here's the lowdown on the US chart. As many of you know, the U-P Square has turned many lives upside down, really since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, and particularly for those with personal planets in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Because Pluto is in Capricorn, an earth sign, many, including myself,have experienced some type of health crises. Often its been related to the head, chest, kidneys and bones, areas of the body ruled by the cardinal signs. Something was needed to get you more in line with Spirit and although problems may not have been welcome, after a time, you can see it was probably inevitable. 

The US is a Cancer Sun native and the U-P Square is getting serious with the country over the next two years with several powerful outer planet aspects suggesting major transitions and crises developing. Here's a rundown of the transits we're going through collectively as a nation; a chart below shows transits for last month's Solar Eclipse. The aspects overall show immense pressures to move in new directions and reinvention. House positions are in parentheses.

First the challenging aspects listed in the order of their first exact hit:

  • Pluto (2) opposite Sun (7,8) - Power struggles, exerting control and manipulation; up against powerful economic forces. Resistance from allies and enemies; enemies becoming allies, i.e., the US and Iran teaming up to fight ISIS in Iraq.  Growing awareness and projection of how others nations see the US, and it isn't pretty. The world's movement away from the Dollar and the resulting power shift to the East. The demonization of Russia and the emergence of Cold War II.
  • Pluto (2) square Saturn (10) - The classic corruption aspect points to economic woes, or anything else, being blamed on Obama by the folks who created it: the banksters, Wall St. and the military industrial complex, all of whom are desperately holding on until the debt bubble bursts; a possible economic and structural breakdown leading to a rehauling of socioeconomic systems is on the horizon. The ongoing push for war has intensified. Congress is pushing for austerity measures and dismantling the safety net; doing whatever it can to obstruct virtually anything Obama and his administration puts forth.
  • Neptune (3) square Uranus (6) and Uranus (4) square Neptune (9) - Further exposures and release of records reveal the depth of government surveillance and control, and has many wondering if we're living in a police state. Growing disillusionment with the legal system, pro sports, and organized religion. More Wikileaks and and other revelations about the military and police (both represented by Uranus in the 6th) behaving badly and out of control.
  • Uranus (4) square Sun (7,8) - Continued demonstrations, some getting violent, for economic and racial equality. Reform and innovations are inevitable with the ongoing raising of the collective consciousness. An unpredictable aspect of surprises and obstacles to shake up and get our attention and open us up to consider change. Strange weather, seismic activity and other unusual geophysical issues.
  • Uranus (4) opposite Saturn (10) and Saturn (12) opposite Uranus (6) - Finding it difficult to maintain control, having to look at things very differently and consider new ways of dealing with old problems. Contained chaos; another indicator military and police malpractices and corruption being exposed; legal action in these areas and changing regulations. Democrats vs.Republicans fighting for control. moderates vs. extremists.

And we have a couple of positive aspects to lighten the load:

  • Neptune (3) trine Jupiter (7) - A very positive aspect of understanding and compassion; finding common ground. Potential for defusing international tensions, secret peace talks and agreements stand a good chance of ending wars and occupations. Relations with neighbors improve such the normalizing relations with Cuba. The media find their cojones and start acting like real journalists; this seems to be on the verge of happening.
  • Uranus (4) sextile Mars (7) - A period of rapid military and medical technological advancement, many of which start reaching everyday households. A prelude to free energy, a release of hidden medical breakthroughs and rebuilding of the infrastructure that takes off in the 2020"s . How the rest of this decade plays out depends on the populace to demand humanistic changes and deal seriously with climate change.

The Saturn conjunction to the US Ascendant influences all of 2017; the restructuring begins under an economic downturn and it will take all of seven years to flesh out. But not until transiting Saturn and the Progressed Moon get unfinished business taken care of in the 12th house, yet another indication of revelations and government/corporate secrets over the next two years. The 12th is not a particularly happy place; an individual  experiencing this combination will often look for assistance in understanding why their lives are not working out well lately from a therapist or minister. Realizations and consequences of the past 28 years are reviewed; some serious soul searching takes place, and deciding what goes and what stays. The legal system is about to get very busy figuring out which bankers and corporatists to send  to jail. An example here is Sen. Bob Menendez of NJ being indicted on corruption charges. The last time we went through this conjunction in the late 80's there was the Iran-Contra scandal near the end of Reagan's second term; a presidency that brought us the Reagan De-evolution: radical business deregulation, and trickled-on economics! This was also the beginning of the Bush dynasty. The necessary breakdown of dysfunctionality is upon us as a new President takes office in 2017. Will we change course or have another three decades of the same? 

US Sibley  with transits for 3.20.15-page-001.jpg

"New Age values are conscious evolution, a non-sectarian society, a non-military culture, global sharing, healing the environment, sustainable economies, self-determination, social justice, economic empowerment of the poor, love, compassion in action, going beyond religious fundamentalism, going beyond nationalism-extreme nationalism, culture."
- Deepak Chopra

Love and light to you always, and in all ways,