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Solar Eclipse in Pisces - "Under Pressure"

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Hello Friends,

This New Moon is quite powerful. A Total Solar Eclipse on the Vernal Equinox, March 20th at 29 Pisces (chart below) brings a flood of activity and information over the next six months and peaking in three months.This looks like a major turning point and a leap in the ongoing paradigm shift; similar to the the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the mid-60's. This time being more crises oriented (waxing square phase) and requiring action. The currency wars, oil wars, actual wars, pollution, revolutions, corruption revelations (Ex-Virginia governor's wife gets jail time), deception disclosures (Brian Williams, Bill O'Reilly), intense weather (Boston), volcanism (Chile) and earthquakes have been part of the picture for the past few years, now the tide slowly turns toward taking effective action, and problem solving, but not before the last exact hit of the Uranus-Pluto Square on March 16th to keep things stirred up for awhile longer. We see a world suffering from a nervous breakdown; not sure which way to turn, and reeling with uncertainty. Sometimes chaos is necessary, and it seems necessary now to wake people up. The Piscean Age has been slowly dying away and creating space for the massive economic, humanitarian, technological, and environmental advances that are starting to pick up steam now and may be fully realized in the 2020's . On a personal level, many people are making, or pushed to make radical changes realizing that something has been very, very wrong for far too long. There has to be a better way of being in the world. Some are losing everything in order to gain everything. Something in our lives is gone, has got to go, or let go of, in order to realize our higher selves and live more authentically. The Square's powerful energy is strongly felt and seen all around us. Now's the time to be proactive and make the change, rather than wait for change to happen to you. There's the possibility of closure or final resolution for difficult situations that have been going on since U-P Square began shaking things up in 2010. Your personal astrology chart may not jive with this, so check with your local astrologer on how things look for your specific situation. :D

We have something called a Siamese Yod, a unique configuration that dominates the chart. It consists of two interlocking Yods involving Pluto, the North Node, Jupiter and Mercury. This Yod contains three Quincunxes (teal colored aspect) and two sextiles (green). Fated, predestined happenings, the unavoidable, and karmic balancing can create opportunities to get our act together as we struggle to clear the decks and tie up loose ends. Quincunxes are generally described as necessary, and sometimes constant adjustments, blind spots , or a "What just happened?." kind of aspect. Awareness, determination, and an open-mind are necessary to gain the spiritual benefits this unusual aspect offers. The Mercury-Jupiter quincunx, or spine, shared by both yods is the key and shows the amped up conflicts that exist: the US and EU vs. Russia; secular vs. fundamentalist; Congress vs. Obama; moderates and extremists everywhere having a time of it trying to co-exist. On a personal level, this can manifest as two parts of ourselves that don't understand each other well;  trying to reconcile spiritual needs with mundane, everyday demands. Pluto is still square the nodes and we're challenged to let go of extremes and psychological baggage, but this influence is slowly waning and we've been working hard; soon will be prime time to reinvent ourselves.

Jupiter Trine Uranus is still with us this month to expand our awareness as scientific findings, new inventions (solar plane flight around world), and historical revelations broaden our world view and support the ongoing awakening of humanity. This can be a very creative aspect with opportunities to showcase unique abilities and find sudden or unusual solutions to old problems. Our humanitarian  instincts are brought out and we find ourselves opening to embrace change. It may be a great time to take that exotic vacation. and immerse yourself in a different culture. Some will even come around to embrace the new and different philosophical/spiritual studies for them, like astrology for example: This aspect is about unleashing our unique, eccentic side, being all of who we really are. 

Saturn Trine the Sun and Moon helps us concentrate and create plans for financial and emotional stability during this lunar cycle. Restructuring an area in our lives comes easier as we're able to balance yin-yang energies and feel centered. This balancing act can be used for greater creativity, practicality and effective works. Here we have the determination and necessary circumspection to actualize ambitions and goals. New relationships, and other beginnings now can be enduring and stable. 

This particular eclipse season is associated with Saros Series 17 South, a series of eclipses that started July 5, 1331, with Jupiter (expansion, optimism, wealth, spirituality) at the midpoint of several planetary combinations. This is a positive force for success and harmony in group activities and personal relationships. Positive outcomes and creativity come easier; peace talks and other reconciliations have a better chance of happening now. This influence may well diffuse or soften the U-P Square for now, but the next eclipse season is September will be another another story; stay tuned. More on the Saros Cycle:

The Total Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon on Passover, April 4th; another powerful force for events prompting transformation everywhere as it almost exactly aspects the U-P Square (chart below). The release of extreme tension (Pluto) and force for sudden changes in the world (Uranus) is tremendously aided by Jupiter's positive aspects to the Sun, Moon, Uranus and Nodes supports changes in leadership, possibly enlightened leaders emerging to take in a humanistic direction. This leadership has an opportunity and desire to correct many injustices. Jupiter sextile the Moon (the populace) indicates an interest in the betterment of mankind and the climate, generosity of spirit and an interest in the well-being of others. Out of the chaos is the creation of new possibilities and many will find themselves rebounding quickly from recent worries.

US and World - Solar Eclipses are known to create problems for world leaders. Putin, Cameron and Netanyahu all have charts that are very stressed now, we'll see soon whether or not they keep their jobs. Peace talks involving the Ukraine and Iran recently have a chance of averting major warfare due to Saros Series influence, a good counterbalance to the sabre-rattling seen with Netanyahu's talk to Congress and the lame-stream media's demonization of Russia to gain support for greater military involvement in the Ukraine and Middle East. France and Germany's involvement with the Ukraine peace talks and breaking rank with other western powers shows a movement away from business as usual, a very good sign of things to come. The war and death industry that has consumed corporations and governments since WWII is desperate to keep the money flowing in spite of many more of us increasingly realize what the game is. Neptune is just beginning to work its peaceful magic in its subtle, but pervasive manner. She gets serious about it when squaring Saturn later this year. We're seeing an acceleration of a economic power shift from Western dominance to the developing East countries due to the humongous debt bubble and unrestrained currency printing hurting their credibility. The ongoing shift this month as Russia ratified the creation of the BRICS development bank (AIIB) and the UK has applied for membership! Increasing movement away from the US Dollar to China's Yuan is already having serious ramifications for the US economy. No one would be surprised if Greece left the EU soon and joins the BRICS. Italy, Spain and Portugal may eventually follow suit as their economies and people are hurting from austerity measures imposed on them by the EU. Iceland just last week decided against joining the EU. This is all very representative of a worldwide leveling of resources just starting to gain traction. The world is changing rapidly, and as crazy as things are, I think in the right direction for the most part

The US Sibley chart is under intense pressure from Saturn, Uranus and Pluto this year and next. I would say a third of this country desperately desires a new socioeconomic reality; another third wants nothing changed and is against anything Obama supports. The final third is basically apolitical, or absorbed by personal matters. When more of this last crowd experience hardship should the US and world economy tank, then serious economic and social reforms.will be demanded and taken seriously. The Stock Market has been going down lately, but this Fall looks more likely for a possible collapse. More about the US's dramatic chart influences next month. In the meantime, get on with creating or inventing your new life, internally or externally, that you've been pondering for some time. There is a massive amount of energy available for you to tap into, so go for it!

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.     -Marianne Williamson

Love and light to you always, and in all ways,