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New Moon in Aquarius, Part II

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Yes, another New Moon in Aquarius, (chart below) this month on Feb. 18. This one in the last degree of the sign, last month's was in the first degree. Sort of an astrological Blue Moon. Uranus, the planet of sudden happenings, and revolution continues its urgent push for reforms in a wide range of areas with a theme of respect and equality. We can expect insights and changes out of nowhere and some are inclined to take revolutionary measures in their lives. This New Moon happens to fall on Ash Wednesday, very appropriate as the sign of spirituality and the divine, Neptune is conjunct this New Moon. Lately somehow, I have managed to avoid talking about Neptune in Pisces, where it is most powerful and will be in the sign it rules until 2025. As Neptune typically does its job of subtly, almost imperceptibly, raising consciousness, spirituality and intuition, it helps to understand the illusion we call reality and go with the flow. There's been a growing sense of brotherhood and cooperation around the world as people gather together around a common cause. The growing sense of unity, and the diversity of crowds in the Paris March following the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and today's Moral March here in Raleigh is Neptune at its finest. The numerous demonstrations constantly occurring around the world reflect humanity's growing awareness and enlightenment. More and more, people are realizing on some level, we're all connected, and we are all one. Events taking place may be confusing, surreal, or even deceptive at times, but we can choose to be inspired, create, dance, meditate, chant, slowdown, and be love.


Whatever it is you want to adjust or change, keep in mind that although the Mercury Retrograde ended Feb. 11th, it isn't completely over yet as the closing shadow is in effect until March 3rd, so hold off on launching something new, buying that car, or signing important contracts until then to be on the safe side. However, taking action after this New Moon is ok for most things. The Ukraine peace talks resulted in a truce being announced as Mercury was changing direction (stationary direct); the truce probably won't last too long before it's back to negotiating peace terms again. The important thing is that there is reasonable leadership in Europe.

We have a Saturn square Neptune aspect in effect now that comes around every 18 years. It falls out of aspect for a while this summer so we can nail down some remaining work on fears and obsessions when Saturn goes retrograde March 15th and then slides back into Scorpio. This square aspect first becomes exact on 11/26/15, and again on 6/17/16 and 9/10/16. The world, and maybe your world is changing, but it's not certain yet how it will manifest or exactly what will change as life is fluid and malleable with both planets in adaptable, mutable signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively. We're in uncharted territory and new foundations aren't in place yet. Relationships are formed, others evolve, dissolve, or just fade away. There will be some hard work and other challenges that test the validity of your goals or dreams. Are we being realistic enough, and do we believe it can be done? Religious/spiritual/political beliefs come into question as we're confronted with a reality that doesn't fit prior views. View any setbacks as just that, and not allow them to get you down emotionally. Some problems will be more imagined than real as Neptune could make you a bit paranoid or confused. Some will decide it's time for a career or relationship change when reality disturbs comfortable illusions.  This aspect can indicate illness in general, commonly illnesses that are difficult to diagnose, or unusual in some way. Ebola will still be in the news for the next two years; the fear generated around it by the media may be as dangerous as the disease itself. An effective cure is a possibility found late next year when Jupiter trines Uranus. Mental illness, care of the elderly, and issues around patient treatment may become big issues over the next two years. It will be important not to give in to negativity and pessimism, and simplifying your life will increase your comfort level during uncertain times. Issues around water, petroleum, pharmaceuticals and other drugs, all ruled by Neptune have been increasing been taking center stage. Saturn will be testing their integrity for the next two years. This means a big uptick in lawsuits, arrests and prison time .  This aspect typically corresponds to economic woes; the next two years are likely to be hard times for many and some type of world financial collapse, or other major economic shake-up is possible. We're transitioning into a new economy that won't take hold for another 10 years. Some people are already working on it:

The 7th last exact hit of the Uranus-Pluto Square on March 16 is the beginning of the end of maybe the most important aspect in our lifetime; thank goodness! The fuse is lit when Mars in Aries conjuncts Uranus  (swift action, surprises, violence) and the South Node(past life tendencies) and squares Pluto (pressure to eliminate outdated ways of being and operating) on March 11th.  An uptick in war and violence, geophysical eruptions and more extreme weather we've been experiencing for awhile now is indicated. From now until mid-April could bring a historic turning point where we look back and see this was a pivotal time in humanity's development. There is a tremendous amount of powerful energy here to be tapped into, or released; what will we choose to do with such force? As Uranus moves away from Pluto's grip over the next two years we'll begin to see more dramatic individual and collective reinvention. An unleashing of progressive societal changes, new inventions and technologies; some of which have been suppressed for a very long time. World events will dramatically shift as the pace of change accelerates and we continue to shake loose from destructive habits. Our collective denial or delusion is further shaken up as outer events and ever more startling revelations reveal a world in major transition mode and conspires to wake us up further. We can aide positive global changes by visualizing worldwide peace, equality and love. Expect the unexpected; what we consider "bad" may turn out to be surprisingly great and vice versa.

We have some flowing trines to help us understand these complicated, eventful times. Jupiter trine Uranus (exact on March 3rd and June 22nd) infuses some positive energy with positive technological developments, more opportunities for expanding our consciousness, great travel and just plain luck that comes out of nowhere. An urge for freedom and independence (think Greece and eastern Ukraine) and being your unique, individual self. Maybe most important of all, this is an optimistic aspect of realizing that things have a way of working out for the best and that change can be a great thing. Stay open and avoid strict expectations that will only limit potential growth opportunities.  Saturn Trine the Venus and Mars helps us stabilize relationships and restructuring an area in our lives comes easier as we're able to balance yin-yang energies and feel centered. Overall we have a Lunar month of adjusting to constantly changing landscapes, retracing some steps and then moving forward with the plan. Many are on the verge of some major resolution or final decision around the eclipse season next month. The next New Moon is quite powerful as it falls on the Vernal Equinox, March 20th; a Total Solar Eclipse in the very last degrees of Pisces that will strongly influence the next three or four months, more about this next month.  The currency wars, oil wars, actual wars, corruption revelations and other disclosures are likely to  through the first half of the year. Peak events are most likely mid-March through mid-April and again in June and July bringing the possibility of some closures or final resolutions. 

Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you are not part of that world. -Sai Baba

Love and light to you always and in all ways,