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New Moon in Capricorn - 2016 - "Boy In The Bubble"

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Happy New Year, Friends,

This post is primarily about the year 2016 as the first new moon of a year gives us clues for the entire year. The New Moon in Capricorn on January 9th brings  the energy of discipline, ambition, practical action and stability. A great cycle for getting organized, making a plan and going after it realistically and with patience. We'll need this patience as Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on Jan. 5th,  backs into Capricorn and ends Jan.25th.  Avoid if you can, launching new projects, making big purchases or signing contracts a week or so before and after the dates above. We may be itching to make some big changes right away, but hold out for more info and re-review plans to be ready to act in February. The Capricorn New Moon on Jan 9th has several trine aspects providing depth of understanding and productivity; things can just flow and often happen quickly. We have tools and gifts we can use for creative action, and overcome obstacles with persistence and determination. 


The New Moon stellium in Capricorn includes Pluto and squares Uranus indicating more intense times and changes, especially for the cardinal signs who have felt Pluto's burning desire to transform everything needing transformation since entering the sign of the sea goat in 2008. Sudden awakenings, positive changes and profound realizations are the positives emerging out of the chaos of having events force one to start all over again.

Saturn in Sagittarius - The growing movement of cracking down on corrupt leadership and efforts toward cooperation and peace are already making things difficult for climate deniers and warmongers everywhere as ethics and integrity are going to be demanded of future leaders starting now. Unfortunately the US has become the most distrusted and hated country in the world for instigating and perpetuating the Middle East wars and now were unraveling under the weight of our own creations. So much disclosure and the resultant legal actions on the dark antics of Plutocrats running the show will blow the minds of many (transiting Saturn on ASC, and Progressed Moon in 12th) and further enlighten us all. The US chart has been under severe tension with the "crises in action" stage of the Uranus-Pluto synod of revolutionary movement against dysfunctional corporate and government entities. The U-P Square has created a grand cross in the US chart with tense aspects to Saturn and the Sun; it looks like things will really start to fall apart for the country's nefarious international schemes and dubious financial practices this year; the "boy in the bubble" is the US finding itself being more and more ostracized and constrained this year by a world fed up with our bullying and manipulations.

Movement Away From War - We've also seen important positive developments on climate change, the UN Syria resolution, and election results moving nations away from austerity leadership in Canada and Spain. Interest worldwide in stopping the madness of war and finding global solutions to various crises is rapidly growing and settles in with more peace movements when Jupiter goes into Libra this summer. Currently, extremists everywhere are in panic mode out of fear having been dangerously and purposely riled up by the media's war and terrorism frenzy, but many will snap out of the media induced trance state of compliance. On some level, we all know that it is ourselves who signed up to be here now to participate in a time of  global transformation, our job is to aide this process and learn unconditional love. Meditation and reflection can help us remember that and look upon the chaos with understanding, compassion and non-attachment.

Two Synods (cycles that occur between one planet and another) - This year we have two synods in the last quarter phase indicating final cleanup stages often characterized by frenzied activity,  a rush to karmic completion; a time of release, and letting go of what no longer serves in preparation for the next cycle. The Saturn- Neptune square, symbolic of the refugee crisis and xenophobia, economic decline, deception in government, and legal action against corrupt leadership is probably the defining aspect this year. We may see new Nuremburg trials that will put war criminals like Bush and Cheney in the slammer for crimes against humanity and breaking international law. Many are confused about, and questioning political and spiritual beliefs as more truths surface about institutions that have abused the public trust. Another indicator of economic decline is the Jupiter-Saturn synod now in the last quarter phase its 20 year cycle, corresponding to business cycles that will renew itself in 2020 in Aquarius and can mark a return to integrity in government and banking. We're experiencing a massive catharsis, release of negative energies as we transition to the Aquarian Age, which could herald a new renaissance and the beginning of an era of economic and social justice when Pluto joins Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in 2024.  The last Saturn-Pluto conjunction 1982 in Libra saw the beginning of the disastrous Reagan Devolution (Neoclassical, Supply-side Economics, Trickle-Down Theory) and now we're finally witnessing its demise. 

2016 - World Economic Trends - We are likely to see a deepening and expansion of the world economic downturn and collapse of financial markets this year, possibly being set off by the Solar Eclipse in Pisces this March. A concern for the US is the weakening Petrodollar as more countries move to a de-dollarization policy that is accelerating the shift of economic power from West to East; a beginning to the leveling process of the world economic playing field. The IMF has accepted the Chinese Yuan as a reserve currency, primarily because they have backed their currency with gold reserves, as has Russia and other BRICS nations, something that has disappeared in the West due to massive debt. The newly created AIIB in the East, their version of the IMF or World Bank, has attracted many nations from the West as they no longer have faith in western financial institutions. There are many economic solutions in the works that could end poverty and avoid a total economic meltdown if we have the right leadership. New ideas and ways of restoring economic sanity are emerging such as Finland's experiment with "basic income" for all residents.  

US Presidential Election - In November we'll know whether the dark forces are still in control of the election process. If we see brokered conventions resulting in Bush or Clinton getting their party's nomination, we'll know nothing has really changed. Sticking with same old Democratic-Republican Duopoly would be an absolute disaster this time around. The only viable option is the only visionary, non-warmonger and uncorporatized politician in the game: Bernie Sanders.  

“In war, the first casualty is truth.” - Terry Hayes, I Am Pilgrim