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New Moon in Capricorn

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Hello Friends,

The New Moon in Capricorn falls on the Winter Solstice - Dec 21st. - impacts the next three months giving it a Capricorn flavor of discipline, practicality and concentration on building something in our lives that has integrity and will last the long haul. This is a good time to come up your grand design for the new year. Capricorn is interested in the the most efficient use of resources and that may include a new financial plan or career move. Most noticeable from the chart attached is the Pluto-Venus conjunction creating a stressful T-square with the Nodes. Here we are prompted to suddenly let go of old habits (South Node conjunct Uranus) and ways of being; friends and groups may be instrumental in helping here. We are challenged to let go of power struggles in relationships through a psychological, or intuitive understanding thus creating more harmony. The Vertex, a theoretical point in the chart, is closely conjunct this New Moon indicating that events, circumstances and people can come into our lives that have a sense of fate about them and seem to be just what we need to experience at this time. Mercury is also conjunct the New Moon indicating that we're careful and more economical with our words. Thinking of a plan that both the logical and emotional sides of you can agree on.

Uranus goes direct on the day of the New Moon -We've been thinking long and hard the last five months about changes we want to make; we feel it's time to forge ahead with those plans and take decisive action. More events that are sudden, dramatic and surprising are likely now as the Uranus-Pluto Square is in very close aspect. Saturn goes into Sagittarius on Dec. 23rd until December 2017, except for next summer when it dips back into Scorpio so we can finally put to rest some deeply personal matter we've been wrestling with. Saturn, in the sign of the Archer will slowly and determinedly urge us to grow within and expand our consciousness. We take our personal ethics and spirituality more seriously, others are challenged by circumstances or events that broaden their worldview. The truth of a matter finally revealed and understood can be very disturbing, but also enlightening and liberating. The recent demonstrations over police injustices in Ferguson, Cleveland and New York City are already reflecting this energy and this is just the beginning. Sagittarius is also associated with the justice system, sports, air travel, higher education and religion; areas whose flaws have been uncovered in the Scorpio phase and are now in the spotlight, will be under investigation, become involved in lawsuits and eventually turning into new regulation/legislation. The Supreme Court and the TSA airport security may be closely analyzed for where their integrity is lacking. The religious/political fundamentalism we've seen, both eastern and western varieties, may have an unraveling of their influence as followers come to their senses. The beginning of the end of the Tea Party?

On Christmas Eve and Day the Moon is in eccentric, intellectual Aquarius, we're in the mood for some stimulating conversation in the sign of group get-togethers. Some may desire to express their more quirky and inventive sides. We will have to contend with Mercury square Uranus and conjunct Pluto and people say things off the top of their heads that may be surprising or even shocking. We're very perceptive (Pluto) and pick up clues as to nature of the people and environs we're around. This can make for greater understanding and compassion, but don't use it to subtly control or manipulate others. Unfortunately travel problems are more likely under this influence, but if we avoid impulsiveness and road rage, things can go well.

Mars opposite Jupiter on New Year's Day - The Moon is in Cancer and we're more likely to spend New Year's Eve at home with family this time around. There are likely to be a particularly enthusiastic celebrations where it can be particularly easy to overdo a good thing, or get particularly emotional as tensions rise to the surface. Try to keep the partying within reason and have a great, safe time.

Mars goes into Pisces on Jan. 12th where it will stay until Feb. 20th - Here is an urge to go after your dreams and work on your spirituality. We're more willing to sacrifice our needs and desires for the benefit of others, a good period for helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Energy can be consumed by emotional matters and inner secrets. Mars squares Saturn on Jan 15th, this could be a frustrating week as things just don't go as planned and there are likely to be obstacles to effective action. You just have to be patient and reflect more on the situation; later it becomes clearer what to do.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Jan 19th has potentially important aspects as the Moon in Libra does its weekly tap dance with the Uranus-Pluto Square. We're in a serious mood to transform something that is fair for everyone, we want justice and alterations to the status quo. I would expect large demonstrations against police racist brutality, income inequality and immigration. Mars happens to conjunct Neptune on this day signifying peaceful action and consciousness raising activity. You may have to alter some of your actions as conditions change, stay flexible and be willing to look at things differently. Excellent energy for serving others and doing charity work. Mercury in Aquarius goes retrograde from January 21st to Feb. 11. Take care of important matters, particularly electronic devices a week before and after these dates to account for the shadow periods and avoid some hassles. Otherwise enjoy reflecting or meditating on the future you want to create during this retrograde period. Here's more info to help you understand the retrograde period,particularly the "shadow" periods.

About 2015, the Uranus-Pluto Square's 7th and final hit is on March 16th , and in the midst of Eclipse season. Its the last hurrah for the Square as we see the world struggle to find a way to changes and transform itself on so many levels, particularly so during the first eight months of 2015. As this aspect gradually wanes and its influence weakens we'll still see its reverberations for awhile. Saturn's time in Sagittarius gets into full gear this fall and he's after the truth of what has been revealed by Scorpio the past two years or so, laying down the laws and denying excess. The US chart is challenged with very difficult aspects to change dramatically over the next two years. Cultural and political polarization, as well as additional political/economic turmoil could reach its peak by summer. The world is gradually moving into an era of equitable wealth, health and justice as a thorough leveling of the playing field takes place over the next ten years.. Exactly how we get there, and what that looks like is something else. Will we have full-on WW III, or will farsighted and enlightened leadership step up and peacefully lead us into more humanistic directions? Will there be a devastating depression, or can we create a new economic systems without too much chaos? I like to think we have reached a level of consciousness incompatible with the same old destructive ways. As Pluto in Capricorn does its work ending outdated business and governing practices as it did 250 years ago when Pluto was last in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries urges us to change ourselves individually, but also to gather together and revolutionize a world gone haywire. It is literally up to each and every one of us to make a difference and Jupiter will assist dramatically as it trines both Uranus and Pluto during 2015, creating sudden opportunities and some luck in reinventing the areas affected in our individual chart. Jupiter trine Uranus is exact on March 3rd and June 22; here we have opportunities and sudden events to let lose those self imposed shackles that have kept us from making progress. We may see events that further galvanize the collective to push for reforms. This is also a pretty good time for taking a calculated risk. Jupiter then trines Pluto on Oct 11th a flowing force for upgrading or rebuilding anything. We can make progress in money matters and career, but also transform ourselves psychologically and/or rid ourselves of destructive tendencies. This a strong force for reform that you don't want to ignore. This sounds like there may actually be some sanity and needed compromise in the halls of Congress next year. Although Jupiter transits don't last a long time, they can represent important turning points and needed relief. 2015 would seem to be a pivotal year for  the mass awakening of humanity.

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace.” 
― John Lennon

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all,