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New Moon in Sagittarius - "Won't Get Fooled Again"

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The New Moon @ 19 Sagittarius on Dec 11th represents the energy of optimism, generosity and tolerance, exploration, and freedom. This is a time of contemplating world views, spending money, many social gatherings, and possibly an expanding waistline during the holiday season. With the Sun, Moon and Mercury trine Uranus, humanity's ongoing evolution takes a quantum leap this cycle with a surge of compassion and sense of unity in response to lives tragically lost to the violence of war and terrorism. There is a strong urge to make changes and reforms; there can be  opportunities and successes coming from seemingly out of nowhere. Friends and groups provide understanding and support for our unique abilities and eccentricities; insights can give a clear picture of the current life situations and an inspired vision of what is possible. Suddenly, realizations and emotional breakthroughs create the spark to reinvent, or revolutionize areas of life. Uranus was also trine the New Moon in Leo last August when previously hidden information surfaced and the emergence of enlightened leadership that supports evolving beyond the duality of the old "me vs. you" paradigm. Last summer, Bernie Sanders' rapid rise in the polls made a big impact by using facts (he's a Virgo) and explaining injustices that are opening minds to the depths of corruption and inequality in the US. His cogent explanation of democratic socialism as a philosophy of service to others is excellent, although many don't care what it is, as long it doesn't look like the status quo. The election of progressive, Justin Trudeau in Canada with his choice of a very diverse cabinet is another example of the movement to the left that is gaining momentum and also fits into prolonged spiritual deepening of Neptune cruising through Pisces until 2026.  .


The acceleration of humanity's awareness represented by the trines above is challenged by two powerful T-squares representing the obstacles that require taking action and open our eyes. The first T-square has the New Moon squaring the Jupiter/North Node opposition to Chiron. On a personal level, current conditions are creating more awareness of how excesses could be hurting ourselves and others, and slowing our evolutionary process. There is a growing recognition of the urgency to implement efforts to offset the potential disastrous consequences of global climate devastation (Chiron). The uptick in religious and cultural intolerance (Jupiter) worldwide has reached another critical stage after recent terrorist attacks. Islamophobia, Russophobia, xenophobia and the rise of neo-fascism and hate groups is certainly being inflamed by Western media and extremist far-right politicians in their push for more war. The media oligopoly purposely misinforms and programs its viewers with a sophisticated propaganda operation that is tantamount to psychological terrorism. With Gemini  as the empty leg, or way out of this T-square, the challenge is finding accurate, truthful, un-corporatized news, not easy to find or discern, but necessary if you want an unfiltered, clearer picture of current world crises. It may take several sources to piece together what's going on. It is important to maintain some objectivity so as not to be consumed by the massive fear-mongering being ginned up by those making big profits off the misery of innocent people.

The second T-square has Mars in Libra triggering the Uranus-Pluto Square that is making its last close encounter this winter. A very powerful trio sparking the personal and collective revolutionary forces by removing or letting go of the archaic and obsolete, but something in our own psyche, or someone in control wants no part of it and stubbornly resists. A very busy period ahead where we see many things we wish to work on..immediately. We may have to remind ourselves to slow down and not take on too much. The empty leg in the sign Cancer invites us to follow our intuition, to have more empathy and compassion, recognizing that we're all family, and essentially all one. Mars went into Libra shortly before the Paris attacks and we've seeing a huge rise in political polarization and hate crimes, by design; the old "divide and conquer" tactic, and more are realizing this every day. Mars in Libra shows an urge for compromise and reconciliation; we've seen this I believe with the recent Obama- Putin meetings in Paris on Nov. 30th, at the UN when the Sun was in Libra, and more recently at the G20 Summit in Turkey. Both leaders are having to contend with extremist elements around them pushing for radical measures and seem to have found some common ground and their astrological charts show they can productively and amicably work together; there is mutual respect. The Middle East wars, terrorism and the refugee crises are likely to worsen during the first two weeks of December, particularly so when  Mars squares Pluto exactly on Dec. 6th and opposes Uranus on Dec 10th. It is going to be a very busy month and unfortunately more violence against innocent civilians both here (police and white supremacy terrorism) and abroad (military/political terrorism) and let's not forget the ongoing financial terrorism known in the West as "austerity measures". 

The Full Moon on Christmas Day at 3 Cancer, the sign of home, family and children, may be the perfect sign for getting together with loved ones. Uranus goes direct on Christmas Day as well, we've been thinking about making big changes in life, here's the time to proceed putting their plans into action, and find that you have more support from loved ones than you may have realized. 

Geo-Political Scene - What I'm about to say here might ruffle some feathers, but it just wouldn't be a Sadge New Moon unless some opinions were expressed. But first, a little background history. Many of you realize that since the 1950's a big part of the US foreign policy has involved overthrowing several, mostly "left"-leaning, democratically-elected governments around the world and installing hand-picked fascist leaders and regimes that have typically made matters much worse: The US policy of regime change in sovereign nations since WW2 in the name of "spreading democracy" has been consistent through twelve presidential administrations.  Also consistent, lurking in the shadows, has been the CIA, created in 1947 by Truman and its leading role in handling the details of the nastiest government overthrows.  Syria is no different, just another domino lined up for destabilization and destruction just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Libya. The current Neocon agenda, backed by corporate interests, and carried out by the CIA and others, to turn the Middle East into a giant parking lot on which to extract oil and other resources with the help of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey. After 911, the public was deceived into invading Iraq, and unknowingly going along with the agenda.

Two years ago, when the US wasn't able to get support to overthrow Assad in Syria over supposed chemical gas use, then apparently the military training and funding of ISIS began in earnest, and all of sudden something called ISIS was a caliphate.  It turns out ISIS was created to help overthrow the Gaddafi regime by the second Bush Administration, just as Al-Qaeda was created by Reagan to foil Russian efforts in Afghanistan in the 1980's. Since Russia began its military campaign in Syria on Sept. 30th, we've seen a surge in terrorism, supposedly by ISIS,  creating more destruction, confusion, division and hate and also fuels support for more war and arms sales. Is it really ISIS, Al Nusra, a CIA-Mossad operation, or what?

Truths are finding their way to the surface now (Saturn in Sagittarius) and  massive fraud and deceptions (Neptune square Saturn) are to be revealed for the next nine months about the corruption and malfeasance of corporatized governments and banks. Dark forces in positions of power are losing their grip as humanity awakens to new realities, with more enlightened leadership as a result. We have a positive turning point in world affairs next month with much calmer and constructive energy. Jupiter going into Libra next summer could be a move toward cooperative negotations and peaceful resolution to conflicts. In the meantime, we can create more peace everywhere by living with kindness in our own sphere of influence, and as the Buddhists say:  "being in the world, but not of it"

"Who sees all beings in his own self, and his own self in all beings, loses all fear." - Isa Upanishad, Hindu Scripture

Happy Holidays to all, peace on Earth,