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New Moon in Aquarius

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The New Moon in Aquarius on Jan. 20th is the fourth consecutive New Moon in the first degree of a sign, symbolizing an influx of strong energies rushing in to help change a world in this transitional stage humanity is now experiencing. The next two New Moons are in the last degree, indicating a rush to complete or finalize experiences. There is much going on and the pace of change keeps accelerating. Aquarius is the sign of change, revolution, eccentricity, and sudden happenings. A rebellious sign that is inventive, group and future oriented and humanistic. Here is a lunar month to express your individual, quirky self and/or reform something in one's life. What do you want to change? This may be the time to do it, but take your time implementing changes as Mercury in Aquarius goes retrograde from January 21st to Feb. 11. This period is best used to reflect and simmer on how you want to go about it; visualize the future you wish to create, and maybe brainstorm with friends to further flesh out your goals. The closing shadow period doesn't end until the early March , then all systems are go for taking action. 

The Sun and Moon are quintile the Uranus/South Node conjunction in Aries representing a fresh start. A "quintile" or "biquintile" are 72 and 144 degree aspects respectively, of talent, creativity, innovation, and even genius. Now we're really figuring out how to create the life we want. We figuring out behavior patterns, understanding ingrained habits  and the significance of past experience (South Node), so we can more easily reform (Uranus) ourselves emotionally (Moon) and also see where our ego (Sun) gets in the way of progress. Pluto biquintile Jupiter is a powerful aspect for implementing change, seeing where we need to possibly rebuild something from the ground up. We know what has to be reworked or rejuvenated in our lives, and have greater psychological understanding of ourselves to do it.

We're going to need all the above help mentioned above as Pluto creates a T-square with the Nodes. We're likely to see old destructive behaviors possibly crop up to be looked at again. Some may feel they've reached the end of their rope in an area of their lives and either make important changes, or find circumstances dictate changes are necessary. Everyone knows someone whose life has been upended by the Uranus-Pluto Square and having to rebuild their life from the ground up in areas of their lives.

US and World - This is an important month with The New Moon conjunct US Pluto very close to the 2nd House Cusp, it looks like the spotlight is on Wall Street, the Banksters and the economy. The big concern now is the effect of the drop in oil prices and its potential effect on the Petrodollar. Uranus, in the 4th, trine the US Ascendant. More and more people are awakening to the reality of the world we live in, they understand the the current political and economic situation in this country, and want changes. We'll see if the new congress gets the message and then has the guts to starting reining in their corporate controllers; there may be some surprising developments here as the populace  increasingly voices its concerns.

The Uranus-Pluto Square creates a grand cross with Saturn and the Sun in the US Sibley chart (attached) for most of the year, a force for sudden and dramatic transformation doesn't get much stronger than this. Pluto opposing the Sun will reveal more of the nation's dark underbelly, such as the ubiquitous police brutality and the details of military torture tactics exposed recently by congress; it's amazing the media has decided to finally start reporting on our shadow side as the nation's reputation has been taking a beating around the world. This is also representative of the pressure to overhaul a corrupt, out of control, banking/economic system as Pluto knocks on the 2nd house door. Uranus opposing natal Saturn (the President and his administration) shows both the extreme reluctance of the opposition party to play nice, but also the general populace (4th house)  increasing demonstrating against various inequalities; this may also mean more weather "weirding" or geologic events are possible. Change will be happening fast in 2015 and this could be a pivotal year in shaping the country's future. Mars acts as the trigger for eventful times in March and July which could bring more of the above and unfortunately some sabre-rattling. The dark entities that have abused power for so long will not go away quietly,and are now desperate to remain in control, they must know by now they're fighting a losing battle. The final pass of Neptune to the US Jupiter showing the ongoing spiritualization and coming together of ordinary Americans for the greater good.  Let the (peaceful) revolutions continue and grow!

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. Alan Watts

Love and light to you always, and in all ways,