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New Moon in Sagittarius

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Hello Friends

The New Moon in Sagittarius (chart below) falls on the 51st anniversary of the JFK assassination on Nov. 22nd. This New Moon typically coincides with bursts of expansion and optimism to help kick off the holiday season. Folks are generally more generous, easygoing and cheerful; there is more abundance and gratitude.  We are looking to explore, whether it's traveling, walking in the woods, or studying philosophical/spiritual subjects. We are looking to grow in some area(s), and often times, we're just plain lucky. The downside is a propensity to overindulgence, overspend or overdo just about anything. Thanksgiving, and most of the holiday season is certainly well placed in this lunar month. 

Saturn and Venus,conjunct the New Moon, Saturn adds a constructive and sobering influence to the above with its serious, industrious and frugal energy, this looks like a good period perhaps for financial planning, reorganization and career building. Saturn is all business and wants to make sure things are practical and efficient. Many will be more watchful of their spending and scale down holiday plans. Someone who becomes important to you can enter your life, possibly a teacher or mentor, to help that part of your life that needs more structure or a realistic appraisal. Some just want to spend more time alone, and others are lonely for company. Remember to invite others to the celebration who may be holiday "orphans" if you can.

Saturn in Scorpio has been urging us since Oct. 2012 to let go of something: a situation or job, a long held phobia, long held beliefs, old resentments and grudges, or somebody that has been holding us back and allow ourselves to finally expand in ways long overdue.Where have your desires gotten the best of you and need reining in. While Venus is still in Sagittarius we may be looking for romantic adventures. What is your truth and thoughts about life's meaning may be of interest, others are inclined spoil themselves somehow. After Dec. 10th when Venus moves into Capricorn, if we haven't already done so, we feel it's time to shut down the spending. Venus in Capricorn is looking for a good deal, or not looking at all. Business relationships usually go much smoother and we're interested in what brings integrity and stability to business dealings.

Jupiter in Leo's square to Saturn starts to wane and people feel better about their current financial status and have a little more breathing room to live it up a little until Jupiter turns retrograde on Dec 10th for about 4 months; we think less about material things and decide its time to turn inward and consider personal attitudes, philosophy, ethics and the larger questions of life. Maybe it's best to get your holiday shopping done before the 10th, otherwise you may lose interest or not make the best financial decisions

Mars goes into Aquarius on Dec 4th and this really gets many interested in the latest, state of the art, electronic and computer gadgets. We may be looking for something new and exciting to do, such as joining a group of like-minded individuals, or suddenly taking an interest in astrology or some unusual area of study. People have a more humanitarian urge, are more open-minded and tolerant as they express their progressive sides. We can really get excited about a new subject and throw ourselves into it for awhile. Intellectual stimulation is high, so books can be the ideal gift for some. Mars contacts the Uranus-Pluto Square in a positive way as it sextiles (opportunity) Uranus and semi-sextiles (adjustment) Pluto creating an opening 3 days on either side of Dec. 20th to make innovative and insightful alterations to a plan you're working on, a project, or revolutionizing something in your life. Becoming too obsessive or stubborn and forgetting to consider the feelings of other while implementing changes is possible as there could be some tunnel-vision going on. Mars moves into Pisces on Jan 11th.

US and World - The Republicans, as Mike Myers of SNL fame used to say, "are as happy as a little girl" after their mid-term election gave them control of the Senate. The likely outcome it would seem is continued political gridlock and more war, in other words, business as usual for the Oligarchs. The continuous dysfunction of corrupt governments and corporations appears to have the world headed toward an world economic meltdown unless massive corrective actions takes place very soon. It is becoming increasingly clear to most everyone that fundamental changes in how the world is run are sorely needed. It seems the only way change will happen is through more massive demonstrations for reform that have been picking up around the world since the crash of '08. We'll see more legal actions (like the recent 4.3 billion fining of the largest banks for market manipulation fraud) especially over the next couple of years when Saturn moves into Sagittarius next month, more next month about this important ingress While all this carries on. nothing will stop humanity's collective consciousness level from continually rise as more and more people realize our way of living needs changing. We're seeing progressive movement in this country with more states going for marriage equality, marijuana legalization, and euthanasia for the terminally ill.  

The Uranus-Pluto Square will make it's sixth exact hit on Dec 15th; the 7th and final hit will be Mar 16th. Both Pluto (exact by opposition) and Uranus (exact by square) are putting pressure on the US's Sun and Saturn in the Sibley chart by creating a cardinal grand cross, a configuration of great tension that demands actions to be taken. Important events which are revolutionary and dramatic over the next two years in this country will eventually lead to a new economy as the old system falls apart. With this cross we can expect to see major changes involving the economy and banking system (2nd house), the President and his administration (10th house), foreign policy and legal matters (7th house) and the general populace (4th house). Next spring we have a round of eclipses involving the Square showing 2015 to be a pivotal year for important changes here in the US. The next few years could resemble the 60's when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo with dramatic events opening more eyes to the need for fundamental changes. More on the upcoming eclipses in future newsletters. The Sibley chart with transits for the Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015 is attached. Yes, the Solar Eclipse falls on the equinox/Aries point.

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little. Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,