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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

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Hello Friends,

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Oct 24th (which is also a New Moon) is a partial eclipse making it weaker in influence for an eclipse, which may be a blessing as Scorpio by definition is intense and extreme all by itself.  This is the sign of transformation and regeneration; it is intuitive, resourceful and very perceptive, but if used negatively, can be manipulative and obsessive. This is a good period to 'go deep" and be brutally honest with yourself and let go a whole bunch of old baggage. This will create space for more awareness and spiritual growth. The next six months will be excellent for letting go of what no longer serves, whether it's cleaning out the closets, clearing the mind of stale attitudes and emotions. With Venus conjunct the Eclipse we have a fresh start at looking into our own shadows and embracing it with love, forgiving and ourselves and letting go of long-standing grudges and resentments from the past. If enough of us do it, it can't help but have a positive effect on the collective.

Mercury Retrograde recently triggered the Uranus-Pluto square creating sudden and unusual events or opportunities prompting you to consider making some important changes. Mercury turns direct  Oct 25th - making it time to move forward on relationship and financial matters you may have been mulling over for the past few weeks. Wait until after Nov. 1st for the energies to settle in if you want to start a project or sign contracts. This configuration is positively supported by Jupiter trine Uranus, sextile Mercury. We can enlist the help of others, whether professional or friend, for feedback that supports personal evolution. Our synapses are firing away and there should be plenty of information, insights and intuitive flashes to finalize plans and get the ball rolling. Opportunities seem to come out of nowhere, so be prepared to pounce on them.

Mars moves into Capricorn Oct. 26 until Dec. 3rd - Mars,exalted in Capricorn, is where it acts in its most positive and constructive manner. In some ways we're more disciplined, hard-working and ambitious. This period is very productive, and great for acting on recent organizing and planning activities. Mars will take its turn triggering the Uranus-Pluto square from Nov 8th through Nov 15th; it will be most potent when Mars conjuncts Pluto (10th) and squares Uranus (12th). This is a highly focused and powerful energy best used for healing purposes and transforming conditions, or your environment. This can be a strong impetus toward some personal revolution in areas of your life. Unfortunately we're all already well aware of its dark side from recent world events characterized by unyielding power, ruthlessness and violence. Increased seismic activity, storms and accidents (since the Cardinal Cross and Eclipse season kicked things off last spring) are more likely during this period.

US and World - This illusory world we live in seems very real indeed these days with the Middle East War-athon, Ebola, Hong Kong demonstrations, the Stock Market slump, an important US election on Nov 4th, and racial/ethnic tensions all on the front burner. All hell it seems has broken loose as the collective shadow undergoes a major purging.  Positive expressions of Scorpio would be recognizing the reality of our current lives, make the necessary adjustments, and fearlessly forge ahead. We may see another round of hidden activities revealed about Congress, the banksters and other Plutonic types (Eclipse in US 11th House and influencing the 1st and 2nd). The US's collective ego and world status takes another hit as it was announced recently that China is now the world's top economy; we may see the Yuan become the reserve currency before long. It is possible some international event(s) ignites a serious economic downturn within the next six months. Many economists and other experts have been forecasting a second "dip"  recession because the corporate/government/financial corruption and malfeasance that caused the '08 slump hasn't been remedied as yet. Have we been witnessing the end of capitalism, as we know it, in the form of a slow motion train wreck? 

"The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations."Thomas Jefferson

Love and light to you always, and in all ways,