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New Moon in Taurus - "It''s All About The Money"

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Hi Friends

The New Moon on May 6th is in the sign of Taurus: a cycle emphasizing material concerns, money, property, security and safety needs just as the world's economic systems try to figure out way to keep a sinking ship afloat. We are living in extraordinary and exciting times as the world transitions, out of necessity for her own survival, away from archaic and destructive systems of managing resources and people. The current economic chaos being generated by the failure of fiat currencies when mixed with extensive corruption and gross wealth concentration have resulted in so much suffering for most of humanity. The movement toward a currency reset and precious metals backed reserve currencies are on the horizon thanks to the BRICS nations which may help us avert an economic meltdown not seen since the 1930"s.

What kind of economic, social and political systems will emerge out of the ruins that will create space for a new Renaissance era to flourish? Individually and collectively, we are awakening to our own divine essence which can empower us like never before to create our own future through reflection, visualizations and imagination. Believing is seeing. We are on the verge of unbelievably positive changes and breakthroughs in everyday living as the dust clears in the next few years.

Due to various reasons, mostly health related, I've regrettably found it necessary to take a break from writing this blog and discontinue counseling services indefinitely. Thanks for reading the blog and your comments as well. All the best to each of you.



New Moon in Aries - "War - What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothin!"

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Hi Friends,

After a relatively quiet past two months in many ways, we were rudely reawakened to the violence of our times by the recent Brussels bombings (transiting Moon conjunct the recent Solar Eclipse point) which acts a prelude to an exciting month, for mostly the wrong reasons with the New Moon in Aries on April 7th. The sign of action, enterprise, ambition, leadership, libido, aggression and war takes center stage to heat things up dramatically. Uranus is conjunct the New Moon, in other words, revolutionary movement is a focus for many and the effort to make radical changes takes on a sense of urgency and determination. Sudden changes and shocking news, seemingly from out of nowhere can find many making unplanned adjustments or major shifts in thinking. Some lives may change overnight, for good or bad, from forces beyond their control. Others wake up to various factors impeding their growth and take action immediately on creating a new beginning in areas impacted in one's chart.

Retrograde (Rx) Five Spot - The ongoing emphasis in mutable energy suggests changes as well, but in a way that is unhurried, reflective of the past and measured in response, especially with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all Rx by the end of the month. However Mars (Aries ruler) goes Rx in Sagittarius on April 17th and lasts through June and is anything but patient. Take a deep breath and count to ten, or maybe 100 as Mars Rx is known to shorten tempers. We could act impulsively or overdo it physically. Others may find themselves in situations where repressed anger suddenly emerges and that may not be pretty. If you start a fight under this influence yo're likely to lose. Take it slow out there, workout or do something physical, but don't overdo it. Mars is in the US's 12th House: secret wars, proxy wars and false flags won't work and there's likely to be more blow-back from enemies created everyday from our misadventures overseas. When Mars finally goes direct and enters the 1st House in late August we could see naked aggression. Mercury in Taurus will be Rx from April 28th to May 22nd - Hold off on important financial and relationship decisions until June, but do all the planning, preparing, research and reviewing you wish. Mercury Rx in the US's 5th House of investments, the Stock Exchange, and sports may see poor performances and surprising news. 

Pluto squares the New Moon and Uranus; there can be stiff resistance  from others or our own emotions get in the way of making progress. Some will use these energies to ride roughshod over others in a rather compulsive and arrogant manner. This does sound like warmongers and xenophobes will be particularly worked up resulting in an uptick in violence and the war efforts globally. For the US Sibley chart, Uranus is in close conjunction to Chiron in the 4th House of the people, crops and produce, natural resources, natural disasters and political stability. People from all political persuasions are absolutely fed up with the political establishment, especially minorities (Chiron), and with good reason. More demonstrations, some likely violent can be expected.


The second American Revolution, this time in the form of populist movements, is well underway and picks up momentum this month. This obviously favors the Sanders and Trump campaigns, both of which should gain strength and momentum headed into the conventions. Both Democratic and Republican party apparatuses are in big trouble unless they start become more responsive to the needs of the electorate if they want to survive, but do we really expect change from corporate-controlled puppets?  As more truth bombs surface, as they will, at some point we'll reach the tipping point as the polarized populace (transiting Uranus conjunct Chiron and opposite Saturn, and transiting Saturn dancing around the Ascendant all year is opposite Uranus) demand changes to the status quo. Here are a couple of videos containing truth bombs some of you may not be aware of. First, a great article by the impeccable John Pilger on recent US History, the war efforts and sovereign nation takedowns and regime changes our country has become so obsessed with., and secondly, a video with some lesser known material that will be very shocking, surprising or validating depending on your worldview.

"I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity." - Dwight D. Eisenhower.



Solar Eclipse in Pisces - "Glide On The Peace

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Total Solar Eclipse @ 19 Pisces - March 8th - Last month we pointed out some important features of this powerful Neptune ruled solar eclipse with seven points in the sign of spirituality, universality, compassion, empathy and unconditional love. This is the time to dream big and make your visualizations for the future as real as possible. This eclipse has the potential to move the world toward peaceful solutions to various crises;  on a personal level this can be an opportunity for greater intuitive awareness and some will feel creatives juices flowing easily. Negative expressions of Piscean energy are confusion, denial, deception, substance abuse and escapism. Important developments and events over the next six months will have many continuing to wonder what is real, and what is illusion; others will be blown away, amazed and inspired by personal and collective events already happening this eclipse season, such as China dropping the Dollar, Scalia's death, the Syrian ceasefire agreement and geophysical activity. Eclipses are famous for changes in world leadership and this eclipse may see the emergence of humanitarian and integrous leaders.

Neptune's stay in Pisces until 2025 has a big hand in current spiritual evolution of the planet. It is picking up strength as it moves into the middle degrees just as the slowly waning Uranus-Pluto Square (social, economic and political revolution) continues its work of unveiling corruption and starting the restructuring of corporate and government entities by ferreting out previously withheld info, .i.e. Wikileaks, Snowden, Manning, etc., in the form of major individual efforts (Uranus in Aries). Neptune and the rest of the mutable surge over the next six months opens the flood gate to events, news, and experiences that further inspire spiritual breakthrough, greater evolutionary movements for change, and many taking very different and unexpected directions in life. It will be as if everyone, everywhere has received the memo that taking corrective measures to various issues may have reached a critical point. 

Saturn is the point man on a Mutable (as in mutate, to change) T-square with the "missing leg" (solution) in Gemini. The only way to know the players is with a good score card and having a reliable news sources for staying informed on world matters are more important now than ever. There is much uncertainty, confusion and chaos out there (Neptune/South Node opposite Sun/Moon/Chiron/Jupiter/North Node), but there are also opportunities that will come about as the future is far more positive than one might think as we're on the verge of important shifts, political breakouts and technological advances that change our world for the better.

Saturn's square to Jupiter shows the economic downturn and resulting hand-wringing about whether one's financial future is secure in the hands of banksters who are now running scared, if not in prison already (Ireland and Iceland). It is clear to most now that the level of world poverty, suffering and violence (Saturn square Neptune) in the world is untenable.  Pandemics, issues about oil , gases, and all liquids including oceans take on more importance; making sacrifices, and thinking things are gloomier than they actually are hallmarks of this aspect as well. We may hear more about the issues around cleaning up environmental messes (Chiron) left by corporate and government abuses such as Fukushima, and the BP Oil Spill.  Legal action, reorganization, and regulation (Saturn) are finally emerging to heal a damaged world. The Lord of Karma in Sagittarius means areas such as legal systems, sports, travel and religion are getting a long overdue overhaul. 

The Mutable T-square's influence lasts through the summer, so I suggest spending lots of time with, in and around water, and chillax as much as possible. The overall trend is positive, but there will be more chaos as a by-product of the ongoing trade wars, currency wars, and actual wars which are part of the process of uninstalling the West's corrupt corporate-government-military mind-meld that has created so much destruction in the world. Two positive trines in the chart show progress and movement toward rebuilding or regenerating areas of life impacted by the Uranus-Pluto Square. There is a flow of energy we can tap into (Jupiter trine Pluto) which is bringing  integrity and moderation in running our lives; also  efforts at a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. There is also Saturn Trine Uranus, an aspect of finding new solutions and innovations;  necessity as the mother of invention. Many will find friends and groups,and even strangers, ready and willing to support those needing a hand.

We can worry all we want (Jupiter in Virgo), and be fearful all we like , but that would be spinning our wheels and is considered negative visualization. Better to ride the wave of mutable energy by spending more time in reflection, slowing down and considering the big picture. Exploring creative pleasures and living more simply may help the wait while matters shake out for the benefit of our highest good, as they inevitably will.

 "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."

Peace, George




New Moon in Aquarius - "As The World Churns"

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The New Moon in Aquarius on Feb. 8th has Uranus, the planet ruling the chart is associated with sudden change, revelations and enlightenment; this month the Uranus-Pluto square's dramatic potential for revolution and transformation takes off, meaning fundamental changes in how governments and corporations operate. The world continues changing fast with increasing wave of previously withheld, and surprising information further waking us up to how dysfunction and malfeasance in world leadership (Pluto in Capricorn) have created the seriousness of our times. This lunar cycle could bring dramatic news and events to further accelerate the beginning of necessary corrections to dilapidated systems and spur revolutionary movements. There can be individual insights into what our future can be, many are making major life decisions, whether it's about career, relationships, moving, etc. Now is the time for changes more in line with a rising consciousness (Uranus in Aries). The dark forces are apparently obsessed with expanding war everywhere, we may see well another false flag event, with unexpected results that help emerging peace movements take hold.

Mars went into Scorpio on Jan.4th and won't leave the sign of transformation until Aug 2nd, with about half the time in Sagittarius due to the Mars' retrograde phase. In Scorpio, the overall feelings are deep and desire expression. We are driven and focused to improve ourselves and overcome self-destructive patterns, habits and desires we've had trouble coming to grips with in the past. This is a good influence for all kinds of healing via past life regression, psychotherapy and physical rehabilitation. Also excellent for zeroing in on projects, doing the necessary research, or creating a beautiful work of art. Mars goes into Sagittarius on March 5th, turns retrograde April 17th, backs into Scorpio on May 27th and direct again June 29th. Mars in the sign of the archer is great for travel, being out in nature, philosophical/spiritual exploration, studying new subjects, and possibly enjoying a little more wine than usual. A cheerful interlude between Scorpio's unrelenting force for getting to the bottom of things.

Full Moon in Virgo- Here we are seriously scrutinizing efforts at self improvement and either making the necessary adjustments, or move onto where more healing needs to take place. We're willing to work hard and cover all the bases to assure our success. It's time to get to work (Virgo) on solutions and reforms to basic foundations in life. Jupiter in Virgo trines Pluto, Venus and Mercury - here we get a boost in coming up with solutions and implementing them.

Since last fall, the Cadent Surge has slowly built up to a T-square this cycle involving Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, Life is very fluid now, things are adjusting, churning, disintegrating, and integrating into a new future, The recent market slumps and other economic woes (Saturn), massive migration, pollution (Neptune) and the scale of human and planetary suffering (Chiron) have all created a wave of interest in getting serious about untenable.situations.  Globally, the BRICS nations have methodically and successfully developed a parallel world economy backed by precious metals. We may all be trading in Yuans soon as most countries have figured out their Petrodollars are becoming useless. Will the world be thrown into a full-blown depression, or will the newly created financial system fend off the collapse?

The Eclipse season goes into effect in late February as we move toward  the powerful harmonizing Solar Eclipse at 18 Pisces on March 8th . We'll be feeling the increasing energies of unconditional love and compassion for all sentient beings as shown by a pile-up (stellium) of celestial objects in Pisces about two weeks in advance.  This particular eclipse is part of Saros Series 18 South, a family of eclipses representing separations and endings combined with meeting new people and finding oneself in good circumstances; a quick rebound. More about this eclipse next month, but the nutshell is a desire for cooperation and peace as the warlike Piscean Age's influence continues to wane.

"Peace, in the sense of the absence of war, is of little value to someone who is dying of hunger or cold. It will not remove the pain of torture inflicted on a prisoner of conscience. It does not comfort those who have lost their loved ones in floods caused by senseless deforestation in a neighboring country. Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where people are fed, and where individuals and nations are free."
— The XIVth Dalai Lama



New Moon in Capricorn - 2016 - "Boy In The Bubble"

CapricornGeorge PowellComment

Happy New Year, Friends,

This post is primarily about the year 2016 as the first new moon of a year gives us clues for the entire year. The New Moon in Capricorn on January 9th brings  the energy of discipline, ambition, practical action and stability. A great cycle for getting organized, making a plan and going after it realistically and with patience. We'll need this patience as Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on Jan. 5th,  backs into Capricorn and ends Jan.25th.  Avoid if you can, launching new projects, making big purchases or signing contracts a week or so before and after the dates above. We may be itching to make some big changes right away, but hold out for more info and re-review plans to be ready to act in February. The Capricorn New Moon on Jan 9th has several trine aspects providing depth of understanding and productivity; things can just flow and often happen quickly. We have tools and gifts we can use for creative action, and overcome obstacles with persistence and determination. 


The New Moon stellium in Capricorn includes Pluto and squares Uranus indicating more intense times and changes, especially for the cardinal signs who have felt Pluto's burning desire to transform everything needing transformation since entering the sign of the sea goat in 2008. Sudden awakenings, positive changes and profound realizations are the positives emerging out of the chaos of having events force one to start all over again.

Saturn in Sagittarius - The growing movement of cracking down on corrupt leadership and efforts toward cooperation and peace are already making things difficult for climate deniers and warmongers everywhere as ethics and integrity are going to be demanded of future leaders starting now. Unfortunately the US has become the most distrusted and hated country in the world for instigating and perpetuating the Middle East wars and now were unraveling under the weight of our own creations. So much disclosure and the resultant legal actions on the dark antics of Plutocrats running the show will blow the minds of many (transiting Saturn on ASC, and Progressed Moon in 12th) and further enlighten us all. The US chart has been under severe tension with the "crises in action" stage of the Uranus-Pluto synod of revolutionary movement against dysfunctional corporate and government entities. The U-P Square has created a grand cross in the US chart with tense aspects to Saturn and the Sun; it looks like things will really start to fall apart for the country's nefarious international schemes and dubious financial practices this year; the "boy in the bubble" is the US finding itself being more and more ostracized and constrained this year by a world fed up with our bullying and manipulations.

Movement Away From War - We've also seen important positive developments on climate change, the UN Syria resolution, and election results moving nations away from austerity leadership in Canada and Spain. Interest worldwide in stopping the madness of war and finding global solutions to various crises is rapidly growing and settles in with more peace movements when Jupiter goes into Libra this summer. Currently, extremists everywhere are in panic mode out of fear having been dangerously and purposely riled up by the media's war and terrorism frenzy, but many will snap out of the media induced trance state of compliance. On some level, we all know that it is ourselves who signed up to be here now to participate in a time of  global transformation, our job is to aide this process and learn unconditional love. Meditation and reflection can help us remember that and look upon the chaos with understanding, compassion and non-attachment.

Two Synods (cycles that occur between one planet and another) - This year we have two synods in the last quarter phase indicating final cleanup stages often characterized by frenzied activity,  a rush to karmic completion; a time of release, and letting go of what no longer serves in preparation for the next cycle. The Saturn- Neptune square, symbolic of the refugee crisis and xenophobia, economic decline, deception in government, and legal action against corrupt leadership is probably the defining aspect this year. We may see new Nuremburg trials that will put war criminals like Bush and Cheney in the slammer for crimes against humanity and breaking international law. Many are confused about, and questioning political and spiritual beliefs as more truths surface about institutions that have abused the public trust. Another indicator of economic decline is the Jupiter-Saturn synod now in the last quarter phase its 20 year cycle, corresponding to business cycles that will renew itself in 2020 in Aquarius and can mark a return to integrity in government and banking. We're experiencing a massive catharsis, release of negative energies as we transition to the Aquarian Age, which could herald a new renaissance and the beginning of an era of economic and social justice when Pluto joins Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in 2024.  The last Saturn-Pluto conjunction 1982 in Libra saw the beginning of the disastrous Reagan Devolution (Neoclassical, Supply-side Economics, Trickle-Down Theory) and now we're finally witnessing its demise. 

2016 - World Economic Trends - We are likely to see a deepening and expansion of the world economic downturn and collapse of financial markets this year, possibly being set off by the Solar Eclipse in Pisces this March. A concern for the US is the weakening Petrodollar as more countries move to a de-dollarization policy that is accelerating the shift of economic power from West to East; a beginning to the leveling process of the world economic playing field. The IMF has accepted the Chinese Yuan as a reserve currency, primarily because they have backed their currency with gold reserves, as has Russia and other BRICS nations, something that has disappeared in the West due to massive debt. The newly created AIIB in the East, their version of the IMF or World Bank, has attracted many nations from the West as they no longer have faith in western financial institutions. There are many economic solutions in the works that could end poverty and avoid a total economic meltdown if we have the right leadership. New ideas and ways of restoring economic sanity are emerging such as Finland's experiment with "basic income" for all residents.  

US Presidential Election - In November we'll know whether the dark forces are still in control of the election process. If we see brokered conventions resulting in Bush or Clinton getting their party's nomination, we'll know nothing has really changed. Sticking with same old Democratic-Republican Duopoly would be an absolute disaster this time around. The only viable option is the only visionary, non-warmonger and uncorporatized politician in the game: Bernie Sanders.  

“In war, the first casualty is truth.” - Terry Hayes, I Am Pilgrim





New Moon in Sagittarius - "Won't Get Fooled Again"

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The New Moon @ 19 Sagittarius on Dec 11th represents the energy of optimism, generosity and tolerance, exploration, and freedom. This is a time of contemplating world views, spending money, many social gatherings, and possibly an expanding waistline during the holiday season. With the Sun, Moon and Mercury trine Uranus, humanity's ongoing evolution takes a quantum leap this cycle with a surge of compassion and sense of unity in response to lives tragically lost to the violence of war and terrorism. There is a strong urge to make changes and reforms; there can be  opportunities and successes coming from seemingly out of nowhere. Friends and groups provide understanding and support for our unique abilities and eccentricities; insights can give a clear picture of the current life situations and an inspired vision of what is possible. Suddenly, realizations and emotional breakthroughs create the spark to reinvent, or revolutionize areas of life. Uranus was also trine the New Moon in Leo last August when previously hidden information surfaced and the emergence of enlightened leadership that supports evolving beyond the duality of the old "me vs. you" paradigm. Last summer, Bernie Sanders' rapid rise in the polls made a big impact by using facts (he's a Virgo) and explaining injustices that are opening minds to the depths of corruption and inequality in the US. His cogent explanation of democratic socialism as a philosophy of service to others is excellent, although many don't care what it is, as long it doesn't look like the status quo. The election of progressive, Justin Trudeau in Canada with his choice of a very diverse cabinet is another example of the movement to the left that is gaining momentum and also fits into prolonged spiritual deepening of Neptune cruising through Pisces until 2026.  .


The acceleration of humanity's awareness represented by the trines above is challenged by two powerful T-squares representing the obstacles that require taking action and open our eyes. The first T-square has the New Moon squaring the Jupiter/North Node opposition to Chiron. On a personal level, current conditions are creating more awareness of how excesses could be hurting ourselves and others, and slowing our evolutionary process. There is a growing recognition of the urgency to implement efforts to offset the potential disastrous consequences of global climate devastation (Chiron). The uptick in religious and cultural intolerance (Jupiter) worldwide has reached another critical stage after recent terrorist attacks. Islamophobia, Russophobia, xenophobia and the rise of neo-fascism and hate groups is certainly being inflamed by Western media and extremist far-right politicians in their push for more war. The media oligopoly purposely misinforms and programs its viewers with a sophisticated propaganda operation that is tantamount to psychological terrorism. With Gemini  as the empty leg, or way out of this T-square, the challenge is finding accurate, truthful, un-corporatized news, not easy to find or discern, but necessary if you want an unfiltered, clearer picture of current world crises. It may take several sources to piece together what's going on. It is important to maintain some objectivity so as not to be consumed by the massive fear-mongering being ginned up by those making big profits off the misery of innocent people.

The second T-square has Mars in Libra triggering the Uranus-Pluto Square that is making its last close encounter this winter. A very powerful trio sparking the personal and collective revolutionary forces by removing or letting go of the archaic and obsolete, but something in our own psyche, or someone in control wants no part of it and stubbornly resists. A very busy period ahead where we see many things we wish to work on..immediately. We may have to remind ourselves to slow down and not take on too much. The empty leg in the sign Cancer invites us to follow our intuition, to have more empathy and compassion, recognizing that we're all family, and essentially all one. Mars went into Libra shortly before the Paris attacks and we've seeing a huge rise in political polarization and hate crimes, by design; the old "divide and conquer" tactic, and more are realizing this every day. Mars in Libra shows an urge for compromise and reconciliation; we've seen this I believe with the recent Obama- Putin meetings in Paris on Nov. 30th, at the UN when the Sun was in Libra, and more recently at the G20 Summit in Turkey. Both leaders are having to contend with extremist elements around them pushing for radical measures and seem to have found some common ground and their astrological charts show they can productively and amicably work together; there is mutual respect. The Middle East wars, terrorism and the refugee crises are likely to worsen during the first two weeks of December, particularly so when  Mars squares Pluto exactly on Dec. 6th and opposes Uranus on Dec 10th. It is going to be a very busy month and unfortunately more violence against innocent civilians both here (police and white supremacy terrorism) and abroad (military/political terrorism) and let's not forget the ongoing financial terrorism known in the West as "austerity measures". 

The Full Moon on Christmas Day at 3 Cancer, the sign of home, family and children, may be the perfect sign for getting together with loved ones. Uranus goes direct on Christmas Day as well, we've been thinking about making big changes in life, here's the time to proceed putting their plans into action, and find that you have more support from loved ones than you may have realized. 

Geo-Political Scene - What I'm about to say here might ruffle some feathers, but it just wouldn't be a Sadge New Moon unless some opinions were expressed. But first, a little background history. Many of you realize that since the 1950's a big part of the US foreign policy has involved overthrowing several, mostly "left"-leaning, democratically-elected governments around the world and installing hand-picked fascist leaders and regimes that have typically made matters much worse: The US policy of regime change in sovereign nations since WW2 in the name of "spreading democracy" has been consistent through twelve presidential administrations.  Also consistent, lurking in the shadows, has been the CIA, created in 1947 by Truman and its leading role in handling the details of the nastiest government overthrows.  Syria is no different, just another domino lined up for destabilization and destruction just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Libya. The current Neocon agenda, backed by corporate interests, and carried out by the CIA and others, to turn the Middle East into a giant parking lot on which to extract oil and other resources with the help of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey. After 911, the public was deceived into invading Iraq, and unknowingly going along with the agenda.

Two years ago, when the US wasn't able to get support to overthrow Assad in Syria over supposed chemical gas use, then apparently the military training and funding of ISIS began in earnest, and all of sudden something called ISIS was a caliphate.  It turns out ISIS was created to help overthrow the Gaddafi regime by the second Bush Administration, just as Al-Qaeda was created by Reagan to foil Russian efforts in Afghanistan in the 1980's. Since Russia began its military campaign in Syria on Sept. 30th, we've seen a surge in terrorism, supposedly by ISIS,  creating more destruction, confusion, division and hate and also fuels support for more war and arms sales. Is it really ISIS, Al Nusra, a CIA-Mossad operation, or what?

Truths are finding their way to the surface now (Saturn in Sagittarius) and  massive fraud and deceptions (Neptune square Saturn) are to be revealed for the next nine months about the corruption and malfeasance of corporatized governments and banks. Dark forces in positions of power are losing their grip as humanity awakens to new realities, with more enlightened leadership as a result. We have a positive turning point in world affairs next month with much calmer and constructive energy. Jupiter going into Libra next summer could be a move toward cooperative negotations and peaceful resolution to conflicts. In the meantime, we can create more peace everywhere by living with kindness in our own sphere of influence, and as the Buddhists say:  "being in the world, but not of it"

"Who sees all beings in his own self, and his own self in all beings, loses all fear." - Isa Upanishad, Hindu Scripture

Happy Holidays to all, peace on Earth,



New Moon in Scorpio - "The Times They Are A Changing"

George PowellComment

Hello Friends,

The New Moon @ 19 Scorpio on Nov. 11th is conjunct Mercury and trine Chiron, we can get beyond old issues, habits and emotional baggage by going deep within; cognitive therapy, regression work, or just talking things out with a good friend can be very healing. Making progress this cycle happens by freeing your soul of resentments, grudges and anger held onto to for far too long. A fresh start to deep healing for many is now. People all over the world have become increasingly sensitized and appalled at the scale of human suffering, from the wars in the Middle East, the resulting refugee crises , out of control police brutality, and the massive environmental wounding to the planet. As we have become more aware of the intensity level and extreme dualism of today's various global issues, we are now prime for implementing positive socioeconomic and environmental changes on a global scale, something discussed during the United Nations' 70th anniversary festivities in September, as feelings of connection to everyone and everything become more common place.

This New Moon is part of a yod pointing to Uranus; change is the order of the day, and we are making the necessary moves to revolutionize some areas of life. A new beginning to expanding our level of consciousness, opening our heart and feeling more optimistic (Jupiter sextile the New Moon) is available if we pay attention to factual information (Virgo) and focus (Scorpio) on our goals. Making changes likely sets up further changes; staying flexible and open-minded will help if we desire to fully embrace our uniqueness and dare to be ourselves completely.


We've had an eventful Autumn in world events and now as we shift gears toward internal matters with the Scorpio energy this cycle, we can make positive changes now that we've gained new perspectives on ourselves after experiencing recent relationship issues. The North Node just moved into Virgo, and the South Node into Pisces until April 2017 shifting the focus from our relationship with self and others to healing self and others on all levels. A time of perfecting skills, focusing energies, moving away from scattered thoughts and actions, throwing off the outdated beliefs and attitudes. More mutable energy added to an already full mutable plate means more shifting, adjusting and very changeable conditions for many. A time for new places and meeting new people too. Others don't know what to do now, or what is going on exactly, but sensing a move closer to their higher self. It may be a good time to do absolutely nothing and see where the chips fall; a time of going with the mutable flow and trusting your intuition. Saturn in Sagittarius squaring this axis symbolizes the plethora of truth bombs regarding world issues further accelerates the world shake-up in politics, economics, international relations. and the environment. The Paris Climate Change Conference starts Nov. 30th under favorable astrological conditions,  during this period we could see major legal actions, reforms and  setting a course for a more peaceful, more equitable, cleaner world.

 Venus and Mars in Libra now, where they stay until Dec 4th and Jan. 3, 2016, respectively. Here's another opportunity toward healing relationship problems that have been so prominent the past several months; here also is an urge for peace, and going after it aggressively. The Full Moon in Gemini on Nov. 25th creates a T-square with Neptune. More issues around water, oil, drugs, storms and flooding coincide with changing personal spirituality for some; more information creates greater awareness for the collective consciousness to expand further. Will we let ourselves become more aware and informed, or do we stay in denial by distracting ourselves with superficial matters or scattering our energies by staying busy?

The Geo-Political Scene shows the US Sibley chart under pressure from several aspects now. Transiting Saturn and the progressed Moon, both in the 12th, will cross the Ascendant soon, it is becoming clearer and clearer the depths of the nations self-destruction tendencies that started with the Reagan administration's policies thirty years ago that launched the birth of Neoclassical economics and the Neocon foreign policy takeover; the clock is running out on these misguided policies. Saturn square Neptune's first exact hit is on Nov.26th, an aspect we've talked about many times here will have a big impact on the US over the next two years. Saturn will oppose Uranus in 6th (police, military and workers) and later conjunct the Ascendant will bring pressure to demilitarize, and rehumanize the police, scale back overseas military operations and address income inequality, this coming from the President's administration (natal Saturn in 10th). Neptune transiting the 3rd will square Uranus, the Asc, and Dsc and may reveal more about the media oligopoly's cozy relationship with an increasingly fascist government and their role in mass propaganda Pluto is making its last opposition to the US Sun and square Saturn, this reflects the push back by NATO allies and BRICS nations against US hegemony, the massive debt bubble and rigged stock market, and the further recognition of deceptive US policies in the Middle East and elsewhere. Russia's rapid and effective takeover of the fight against ISIS  leaves many more doubting the US's intention in the region. We can expect a flood of startling new information, leaks and disclosures over the next several months on the extent of military-industrial-corporate-government mind meld, their collusion, corruption and power. It's all coming out now, just in time to have a larger impact on the 2016 Presidential Election.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” Albert Einstein