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October 20, 2014

Hello Friends,

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
 on Oct 24th (which is also a New Moon) is a partial eclipse making it weaker in influence for an eclipse, which may be a blessing as Scorpio by definition is intense and extreme all by itself.  This is the sign of transformation and regeneration; it is intuitive, resourceful and very perceptive, but if used negatively, can be manipulative and obsessive. This is a good period to 'go deep" and be brutally honest with yourself and let go a whole bunch of old baggage. This will create space for more awareness and spiritual growth. The next six months will be excellent for letting go of what no longer serves, whether it's cleaning out the closets, clearing the mind of stale attitudes and emotions. With Venus conjunct the Eclipse we have a fresh start at looking into our own shadows and embracing it with love, forgiving and ourselves and letting go of long-standing grudges and resentments from the past. If enough of us do it, it can't help but have a positive effect on the collective.

Mercury Retrograde recently triggered the Uranus-Pluto square creating sudden and unusual  events or opportunities prompting you to consider making some important changes. Mercury turns direct  Oct 25th - making it time to move forward on relationship and financial matters you may have been mulling over for the past few weeks. Wait until after Nov. 1st for the energies to settle in if you want to start a project or sign contracts. This configuration is positively supported by Jupiter trine Uranus, sextile Mercury. We can enlist the help of others, whether professional or friend, for feedback that supports personal evolution. Our synapses are firing away and there should be plenty of information, insights and intuitive flashes to finalize plans and get the ball rolling. Opportunities seem to come out of nowhere, so be prepared to pounce on them.

Mars moves into Capricorn Oct. 26 until Dec. 3rd - Mars,exalted in Capricorn, is where it acts in its most positive and constructive manner. In some ways we're more disciplined, hard-working and ambitious. This period is very productive, and great for acting on recent organizing and planning activities. Mars will take its turn triggering the Uranus-Pluto square from Nov 8th through Nov 15th; it will be most potent when Mars conjuncts Pluto (10th) and squares Uranus (12th). This is a highly focused and powerful energy best used for healing purposes and transforming conditions, or your environment. This can be a strong impetus toward some personal revolution in areas of your life. Unfortunately we're all already well aware of its dark side from recent world events characterized by unyielding power, ruthlessness and violence. Increased seismic activity, storms and accidents (since the Cardinal Cross and Eclipse season kicked things off last spring) are more likely during this period.

US and World - This illusory world we live in seems very real indeed these days with the Middle East War-athon, Ebola, Hong Kong demonstrations, the Stock Market slump, an important US election on Nov 4th, and racial/ethnic tensions all on the front burner. All hell it seems has broken loose as the collective shadow undergoes a major purging.  Positive expressions of Scorpio would be recognizing the reality of our current lives, make the necessary adjustments, and fearlessly forge ahead. We may see another round of hidden activities revealed about Congress, the banksters and other Plutonic types (Eclipse in US 11th House and influencing the 1st and 2nd). The US's collective ego and world status takes another hit as it was announced recently that China is now the world's top economy; we may see the Yuan become the reserve currency before long. It is possible some international event(s) ignites a serious economic downturn within the next six months. Many economists and other experts have been forecasting a second "dip"  recession because the corporate/government/financial corruption and malfeasance that caused the '08 slump hasn't been remedied as yet. Have we been witnessing the end of capitalism, as we know it, in the form of a slow motion train wreck? 

"The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations."
Thomas Jefferson

Love and light to you always, and in all ways,

September 22,2014

Relationships are the area of focus with a New Moon in Libra (chart below) on September 24th. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Venus and sextile Saturn, here we have potential for a gracious and civilized period after an upsetting past month for many. Relationships can be stabilized and healed with compromise and diplomacy. This is also an excellent setup for flowing creativity, artistic expression and stabilizing financial matters. This setup counterbalances the more challenging indications to follow.

Jupiter square Saturn - The synodic cycle of these two planets is a generally a good indicator of general economic conditions. The current waning square phase corresponds to slow growth and obstacles to success, mostly from heavy debt and extravagance (Jupiter in Leo) and will last through August of next year. This does not bode well for the Stock Market over this period. If it influences your chart, you would want to take it easily financially for awhile. But, we have an antidote to the downturn in the form of the Jupiter/Uranus trine which will be exact on Sept 25th. We are fortunate to have such a positive and hopeful aspect that will be with us for the next 9 months or so. It can be about making positive use of intuitive flashes and the determination to make important and even dramatic changes in your life. There can be sudden opportunities and assistance from good friends and relatives just when you need it most. This can be a very lucky aspect in surprising ways. For some, this could manifest as an interest in the latest electronics and technologies.

Mercury goes retrograde in the sign Scorpio on Oct. 4th, moves back into Libra and goes direct again on Oct. 25th. This is not the best period for starting a new project and signing contracts, particularly with regard to financial and relationship matters. Put off making important purchases as your judgment is skewed and/or you lack the info needed to make good decisions. This is a good period for reviewing past decisions and doing some research. As usual for Mercury retrograde periods, do computer backups and other maintenance tasks a week or so before Oct 4th.

Things begin to shift at the next Full Moon, which is a Lunar Eclipse on October 8th (chart attached). An eclipse's influence can last until the next eclipse cycle in about six months. The Uranus-Pluto square, the aspect that won't go away, is part of a T-square involving the Sun and Moon and continues to push for continued dramatic changes and potentially disruptive world events over the next several months. As Vince Lombardi once said in his loudest Brooklyn accent, "What da hell is goin' on out dare". Fortunately we have a grand trine in the fire element with the Moon, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars involved. There can be a fresh start in relationships and making positive emotional changes. Some will desire to travel and explore, whether it is internally with meditation and other amplified states of awareness, or externally by travelling to places we haven't been before. More about the eclipse season in next month's newsletter with the New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Scorpio on Oct 23rd.

US and World - This eclipse has a huge impact on the US Sibley chart with both the above mentioned t-square and grand trine both aspecting the US's Sun at 13 degrees Cancer. This certainly puts the US in the spotlight and with Uranus as a major player in both configurations there's no telling what may happen. It could be anything from a major display of military might or a major breakthrough in Middle East peace negotiations, or both. The underlying message of the Uranus-Pluto square for the US is that we are losing our status as top dog in the world and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to bully other nations for our own purposes. It's time to undo our collective ego as a nation which has manifested as extreme nationalism and divisiveness, partially by design. Cooler heads can prevail with the grand trine and this favors progressive changes brought on by the upcoming elections and protests or mass demonstrations putting pressure on the administration (Uranus and the Moon in the 4th opposite the Sun in the 10th House) like the climate change march in NYC yesterday. Transiting Saturn is about to enter the US 12th House for the next 2 1/2 years, this is a karmic period where past misdeeds can come back to haunt. What has worked in the past is no longer effective and we're left to ruminate on what has to be done differently. Expect more info to come out about government and corporate secrets, particularly the banking system and the Federal Reserve. This is also another indicator of continued economic sluggishness. The positive use of this house's energies calls for conducting affairs with more compassion, understanding and kindness to self and others. What will it take for this to finally happen? 

Love and Light to you always and in all ways,


Astrology is a great tool for self-awareness. Through insights accessed from the birth chart, George aims to maximize the client’s innate talents, make the most of potential opportunities and help them successfully navigate life’s challenges. By understanding ourselves, we can move toward wholeness, that is, integration of our whole being. We all have free will, and our lives are strongly affected by the choices we make. On the other hand, some events are seemingly fated, or karmic in nature, as they are necessary for our personal growth. more

Hypnosis is an amplified state of mind similar to being in a meditative state or deep relaxation.  It is a natural state of focused concentration in which the client is very aware of his surrounding, similar to driving your car in familiar areas or concentrating on a television show. Hypnosis involves being relaxed enough to get into the alpha or theta brain wave state and allowing your conscious mind to step back and let the subconscious mind come forward. The subconscious mind can hold certain beliefs and habit patterns that we have learned in life. more

Reiki is a technique of complementary or alternative medicine, rediscovered by Japanese educator Dr. Mikao Usui sometime prior to 1922. It is believed that this hands-on healing method may have been originally developed by Tibetan Buddhists 2500 years ago but was lost to mankind until Usui’s rediscovery. The word Reiki stems from the Japanese “rei” (meaning universe, spirit, soul or the higher intelligence that guides the creation and functioning of the universe) and ki (energy/life energy, comparable to chi, qi or prana). Ki is the non-physical energy that animates and flows through all living things. Reiki is commonly referred to as “Universal Life Force Energy”. more


I feel that the essence of spiritual practice is your attitude toward others. When you have a pure, sincere motivation, then you have right attitude toward others based on kindness, compassion, love and respect.
~14th Dalai Lama

Sliding scale available on all services, if needed.

Thank You


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