George Powell's Healing Arts

Astrology, Hypnotherapy, Reiki & Spiritual Counseling

Schedule a Consultation:

 919-484-8289 -

The basic consultation rate is $80 per hour with the following exceptions below. A sliding scale is available.

Astrology: We will need your date, time (as accurate as possible) and place of birth. All sessions run one hour, or 90 minutes for $80 or $110, respectively. I do not answer any medical or health related questions. Questions regarding a person's death will not be addressed

Hypnotherapy: One hour session length: $80.

Past Life Regression: $120, sessions last about 2 hours.

Life Between Lives Regression are $160 and can last up to 3 hours or more.

Life Coaching & Metaphysical - SpIritual Counseling - Astrology Apprenticeship: sessions and mentoring fees are determined on an individual basis taking into account the estimated meetings planned and using a sliding scale. 

Please note that if incorrect birth data for astrology sessions is supplied, George Powell is not obliged to redo any or all of the session. In the event of a faulty audio recording, George Powell is not required to redo any or all of the session. You are welcome to record the session using your personal recording device as well.

Phone sessions, you will call 919-484-8289 at the scheduled time.

Estimate scheduling your session at least two or three weeks in advance. Thank you.