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Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the psychological knowledge of antiquity
— Carl Jung

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Astrology is a wonderful tool for self-awareness and understanding your relationship with others, and our place in the world. Through insights accessed from the birth chart, George aims to maximize the client’s innate talents, make the most of potential opportunities and help them successfully navigate life’s challenges. By understanding ourselves, we can move toward wholeness, that is, integration of our whole being. We all have free will, and our lives are strongly affected by the choices we make. On the other hand, some events are seemingly fated, or karmic in nature, as they are necessary for our personal growth; these experiences were likely planned by your own eternal spirit, or higher self before this present incarnation.  Astrology can shed light on what we've come here to learn in this life, the soul's purpose, as well as the current conditions we're experiencing at any given time. George is looking forward to being a facilitator  of greater self-acceptance, productivity and achieving peace in your life.

George has been a consulting astrologer for over thirty years. His therapeutic approach is a blend of psychological, past life, and spiritual astrology. He has been influenced most by the works of A.T. Mann, Noel Tyl, Robert Blaschke, Betty Lundsted, and Stephen Arroyo. George currently provides astrological services in the areas below.

Astrology Consultations: Types & Rates

All sessions include all relevant pdf charts, astrology report, and a Dropbox link for audio recordings of sessions is emailed to you. I do not answer any medical or health related questions, or questions regarding a person's death. 

Natal Chart Session: $80 for one hour, or $110 for 90 minutes. If this will be your first astrology reading ever, or you want another session to understand more about your natal chart, then this is for you. Your horoscope indicates innate individual traits and tendencies: talents, gifts, psychological patterns and challenges. With greater understanding and awareness, you can maximize potentials and transform challenges.

Transits & Progressions: $80, or $110 for 90 minutes. For individuals who have had previous natal readings and desire an understanding of current life cycles, possible future events and conditions. This gives you the awareness to more smoothly navigate difficult times and make the most of opportunities. 

Solar Returns: $80 - The chart of your annual birthday shows your focus and possibilities for the year ahead. Some prefer this to the Transit and Progressions session, although both are similar in that they take into account current planetary cycles and will thus have similarities.

Astrocartography or Relocation Analysis: $80 - Choosing the best place to live, whether for romance, career, creativity, etc.

Relationship Compatibility Session: $120 - Focus on the relationship between two people; the strengths and challenges created by comparing both natal charts (synastry) and the merging of individual energies known as composite charts to create what is known as the "mystic third". I must be assured that both parties are aware of the consultation.

Electional Astrology: $80 - Choosing the most optimal date and time to get married, start a business, vacation, have surgery, just about anything. Timing is everything!

Business Astrology; $80 - Best time to incorporate, sign contracts, etc. 

Astrology Classes and Mentoring -  Classes taught include: Astrology 101, Predictive Astrology and Relationship Analysis. Mentoring for individual's or two people, please contact George about specific interests.

Astrology Reports: $10 - Individual, relationship or predictive written reports, including charts are pdfs.

What is Astrology?

Astrology literally means “study of the stars”. It is both a science and an art. A science, in that, mathematical calculations are necessary to draw up the “birth chart”. An art, as the interpretation of a chart depends on the skills of the astrologer. By knowing the date, time and place of birth of an individual, a birth chart (also known as a horoscope, natal chart, or wheel) is drawn. It is a map showing positions of the planets in the sky at the exact moment of birth. Below is an example, which is my own chart.


The astrology chart is your life's map to a more productive and harmonious life. It shows natural abilities and skills you've brought with you from past lives, but also personality traits that need more work and challenges to assist you in personal development. Early childhood influences from family and environment are shown by the chart and these are important for you to understand elements in your life that were  unconscious previously and lead you toward a more self-actualized existence