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Secretary, Network of Triangle Astrologers (NTA)

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Certified Master Hypnotherapist

Member, National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists


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George Powell's Healing Arts is the culmination of a lifetime's journey of metaphysical training and education. George uses Astrology, Hypnotherapy and Reiki to address his client's unique needs. One or a combination of these healing arts are utilized to assist his clients.

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Hello Friends,

New Moon in Aries (chart below) is on March 30th. The planet Uranus takes center stage as it conjuncts the Sun and Moon, indicating a month of change, shifting gears, thinking and acting out of the box after all of the reflection and meditation from last month's New Moon in Pisces. Friends, groups, organizations can be very instrumental in assisting us with going in new directions and we're ready to launch something new. The downside is that Uranus and the luminaries are square the Jupiter/Pluto Opposition, so watch for making impulsive actions and going a little overboard in trying to accomplish your goals. Another possibility is stepping on others toes inadvertently and suddenly finding yourself embroiled in a power struggle for control. With Uranus involved, it's important to be open and flexible as there may be sudden surprises and changing conditions that make adjustments necessary. "Easy does it" may be this month's mantra. 

This month's Cardinal Cross (which probably seems to be something I've talked about endlessly in these newsletters) becomes almost exact at 13 degrees Capricorn and falls between a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar Eclipse. The planets involved in Cross signify events that are random and unexpected; there's no telling what may happen with this unpredictable configuration, but whatever it is, will likely be powerfully transformative and life changing for many. The week of April 20th looks particularly challenging and (and as a friend pointed out) reaches peak intensity on April 23rd. How it affects you individually depends on how your chart is set up, but it will effect us all, most noticeably for the next six months. This can represent a major turning point in which events and circumstances prompt one to go in new directions, or it may be that sudden insights or intuition cause us to see life differently, prompting one to take action that may be very surprising to others.

Lunar Eclipse on April 15 at 25 degrees Libra - This eclipse is about balancing our own needs with the needs of those important to us. Libra is always about finding the balance. If someone's needs are not being met, you're going to hear about it as Mars is opposite Mercury and Uranus. This is a very impulsive and even explosive combination, so remember to count to ten or you may say, or do something you'll regret. Mars is still retrograde, so avoid picking fights as you're likely to be on the losing end. Past actions (South Node in Aries conjunct the Sun) and motivations are revealed causing some emotional upset, but at least it's off your chest and possibly closure on a matter.

Solar Eclipse on April 29th at 9 degrees Taurus - Here is another indicator, as mentioned above, to go slow. Be prudent and practical about making important decisions or changes, especially regarding money and relationship matters. Taurus takes its time making moves, but does so in a very determined and deliberate manner. Most importantly, with Venus ruling Taurus, this important eclipse is about Love being all the difference in riding the astrological currents and sidestepping the drama of the Cardinal Cross. Love not only for family and friends, but greeting everyone you meet with an kindness, compassion and an open heart. This is so important to offsetting the collective negative energies that are part of this dualistic world; even individually, we can make a big difference. Jupiter will also be trine Neptune, a very creative and spiritual aspect which gives us optimism and hope for a better world. Mercury is conjunct this eclipse, and is well aspected; communication that is well thought out and diplomatic will be key assets for the next several months. 

US and World - The current Cardinal Cross is a rare configuration and possibly the most important one in our lifetimes whose impact will last for the next 2 years or so. It is basically representative of the universe's push to breakdown what not longer serves us both spiritually and economically. Although these times may be chaotic and challenging, we'll be creating space for improvements more representative of a rapidly evolving human consciousness. We may see the beginnings of outward positive changes in how the world governments and business entities operate.  We've already seen, and will continue to see people demanding changes in many places around the world. The old power structure (Pluto in Capricorn) wants to keep the status quo and will not go quietly. As a result, unfortunately at times, violence (Mars) will continue to be part of the revolutionary (Uranus) picture that is spreading (Jupiter) worldwide. I don't foresee a large-scale war escalating from the crises in the Ukraine, or anywhere else, just a bunch of finger-wagging and posturing. The Collective has been wising up to the insanity, and this was apparent with the failure of some powerful people and entities to start a major war over the Syrian crises last September. There is likely to be an uptick in earthquakes and volcanoes and continued strange weather patterns through the summer.

In the US Sibley chart, both eclipses will impact the 5th/11th house axis indicating that the Stock Exchange, ambassadors, Congress, education and sports are areas that will be in the news and up for scrutiny. We can expect to see in the coming months more information and revelations about political indiscretions and the many environmental issues such as the Gulf Oil Spill, Fukushima, fracking, the Keystone pipeline, and climate change that have been hushed up by the corporate controlled mainstream media. More demonstrations can be expected and hopefully governments and corporations will finally get the message and take serious action. The 28 Democrats that held a night long session recently on global warming is a start and things should pick up steam from here on out. The US's identity is being changed from within (the general populace) and from without (other nations) to level the economic playing field at home and become a team player in the world community, rather than bullying nations for control of their resources.

"Your journey has moulded you for the greater good. It was exactly what it needed to be. Don't think you've lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is the right time" - Asha Tyson

Love and light to you always and in all ways.


Astrology is a great tool for self-awareness. Through insights accessed from the birth chart, George aims to maximize the client’s innate talents, make the most of potential opportunities and help them successfully navigate life’s challenges. By understanding ourselves, we can move toward wholeness, that is, integration of our whole being. We all have free will, and our lives are strongly affected by the choices we make. On the other hand, some events are seemingly fated, or karmic in nature, as they are necessary for our personal growth. more

Hypnosis is an amplified state of mind similar to being in a meditative state or deep relaxation.  It is a natural state of focused concentration in which the client is very aware of his surrounding, similar to driving your car in familiar areas or concentrating on a television show. Hypnosis involves being relaxed enough to get into the alpha or theta brain wave state and allowing your conscious mind to step back and let the subconscious mind come forward. The subconscious mind can hold certain beliefs and habit patterns that we have learned in life. more

Reiki is a technique of complementary or alternative medicine, rediscovered by Japanese educator Dr. Mikao Usui sometime prior to 1922. It is believed that this hands-on healing method may have been originally developed by Tibetan Buddhists 2500 years ago but was lost to mankind until Usui’s rediscovery. The word Reiki stems from the Japanese “rei” (meaning universe, spirit, soul or the higher intelligence that guides the creation and functioning of the universe) and ki (energy/life energy, comparable to chi, qi or prana). Ki is the non-physical energy that animates and flows through all living things. Reiki is commonly referred to as “Universal Life Force Energy”. more


I feel that the essence of spiritual practice is your attitude toward others. When you have a pure, sincere motivation, then you have right attitude toward others based on kindness, compassion, love and respect.
~14th Dalai Lama

Sliding scale available on all services, if needed.

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